Chupacabra Warning

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A billionaire has reported that his rare prized Chupacabra has escaped from his private cryptid zoo.  It has been suspected as the cause of numerous farm animal deaths and mutilations.  There have also been reports by people that it had chased them but it was scared away by loud noises or bright lights.  If you spot a Chupacabra then please contact Mystic Investigations, a reputable paranormal investigations firm, or Cryptozoology organization.  Do not try to engage the animal or run from it.  Walk away slowly and don’t make eye contact.  If it follows you then make loud noises or shine a bright light on it.

Chupacabra’s have elements of reptile, vampire and demon DNA in their blood.  Their origins are unknown and they generally only come out at night or lurk in the shadows during the day as they have a deep aversion toward sunlight.  They hunt for small prey and are notorious for their love of goats blood although they will suck the blood of any small animal available.  Their large sharp vampire like fangs handle this task efficiently.  All animals they hunt down are needlessly mutilated during their blood lust.

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