Fun Fridays

Rebecca, and I got up early this morning since we’ll be speaking at Zack Powers high school for Career Day.  The students will go around to different classrooms to hear various people like me speak about their area of expertise in order to gauge what occupation they might want to enter as an adult. we’ll … Read more

The New Orleans Nightmare

Our Psychic Julia Hathaway got various visions, along with confirmations on her psychic friends network, that vampires, werewolves, and other entities of evil were converging on New Orleans, Louisiana to take advantage of storm stricken humans due to Hurricane Isaac. The city itself has been cursed for ages by Voodoo High Priests and Priestesses. It’s … Read more

Weekly Mystic Investigations Update

A weekly summary of the Mystic Investigations team: Me, and Elizabeth Weatherly spent some days at a millionaires estate in Colorado Springs investigating a haunting, and the theft of several valuable items.  While there a gruesome murder took place as well.  Since we were staying there our investigation was more complete than the polices.  We eventually captured … Read more

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