Fun Fridays

Fun-FridaysRebecca, and I got up early this morning since we’ll be speaking at Zack Powers high school for Career Day.  The students will go around to different classrooms to hear various people like me speak about their area of expertise in order to gauge what occupation they might want to enter as an adult. we’ll be standing in a classroom for 3 hours speaking to six different groups of kids.  This is above average attendance especially for the field of paranormal investigations.  I suspect Mystic Investigations listing in the career day course catalog featuring Rebecca’s photo got most of the male students attending our seminar.  Rebecca claims my photo lured the females in but I don’t have a big ego so I don’t believe that.  I believe the photo featuring her in a low cut blouse speaks for itself. Zack himself won’t be attending our class since he already works for us. He’ll be exploring other areas such as various computing, and internet careers which are some of his favorite areas of interest.  As our bionic boy wonder he’s also going to attend the seminars related to robotic, and bionic technologies which aren’t anywhere near as advanced as his bio-mechanical body.

I’ll be working this morning, and then later in the afternoon after Career Day.  Then much of the Mystic Investigations Team will be heading out to the Grand Opening of a new awesome restaurant called  “Fun Fridays”.  Their slogan is “Everyday is Fabulously Friday at Fun Fridays”  The restaurant has a variety of food, video games, water slides, laser tag, haunted house, and other indoor amusements.  Also there’s plenty of creepy clowns for everyone to flee from!  Read What Happened When We Attended The Grand Opening Of Fun Fridays.


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