Harrowing Home Invasion Havoc

Spring was in the air as the full March Storm Moon reflected its silvery light off the last remains of the rapidly melting snow. The grass was still a depressingly drab green devoid of the rich emerald color that would soon take shape. A lone Werewolf ran out of the woods and crossed a yard … Read more

Rebecca’s Retirement Robbery

I’m Rebecca Abernathy, Vice-President, and Chief Practitioner Of Magic of Mystic Investigations.  Not only am I a good witch but I’m also half-Mermaid.  As the galactic alignment of the 2012 Winter Solstice approaches in mere months supernatural beings, such as myself, are feeling the surge of power within us. Our very DNA is being supernaturally juiced … Read more

Lumberjack Lawbreakers

The three lumberjacks that me and Drake ran out of town yesterday apparently didn’t make it far.  They were pulled over for speeding and reckless driving by the Comanche County Sheriff.  They babbled on about a monstrous vampire threatening them so now they’re in the County Mental Facility.  It’s good they’re off the streets. 2020 … Read more

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