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Ghost-Poltergeist Watch

Geomagnetic storms are raging in the upper atmosphere at the same time solar x-ray activity is highly active.  The increased solar energy charges our environment with unseen energies of enchantment that lure ghosts, poltergeists, and even demons out of their fifth … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Native American Ghost Spirit Watch

After famine, disease, and death nearly overwhelmed the European settlers, known as the Pilgrims, at Plymouth Rock Massachusetts, a happy Thanksgiving feast of a successful harvest was celebrated with local Native Americans in 1621.  This turn around in the Pilgrims fortunes was … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day Ghostly Soldier Spirit Alert

As we celebrate the sacrifice, and bravery of our nation’s military veterans, and fallen soldiers who died in mortal combat, let us not forget those who still haven’t found peace even in death. Those haunted by the atrocities of war … Continue reading

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Independence Day Founding Fathers Spirit Warning

During recent years we have had reports of increased Afterlife activity among the Founding Father’s of the United States Of America.  This particular Fourth Of July will fling forth the restless spirits of any number of Constitutional Founders, and soldiers … Continue reading

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