Ghost Watch

Solar X-Ray’s are active so please be on alert when entering old homes and buildings, mortuaries, morgues, and cemeteries.  Especially places where people have died or where dead bodies exist.  The Midnight hour and adjacent hours are at the highest risk for incorporeal being activity.  Specter’s are expected to be merely visual and audio in … Read more

Poltergeist Warning Canceled. Ghost Watch In Effect.

Due to the Earths Geomagnetic fields being calm we have canceled the Poltergeist warning.  Although due to active solar flares we have issued a ghost watch.  The poltergeist watch encompasses all noncorporeal beings as the poltergeist is the most violent second only to demonic activity.  However a poltergeist can be a demonic in nature.  Ghosts … Read more

Poltergeist Warning In Effect

Despite the good luck of St.Patrick’s Day being spread about by Leprechauns there is a Poltergeist warning in effect due to the violent storms in the Earths geomagnetic field along with extremely active solar x-rays.   Both magnetic and the various forms of solar energy including x-rays are used as power sources by various non-corporeal entities … Read more

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