The Valentines Plague Doctor

I, Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington, led a paranormal team to investigate the Adirondack Abomination in upstate New York. Ultimately we were unable to capture the creature but we did collect a lot of interesting data. The rest of the team, led by Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander, headed to New York City on Valentines Day 2018. They came across the Plague Doctor, Typhoid Mary, and some of his legion of Oath Breakers who are all apart of the greater Plague Doctor Cult! We had originally got wind of something big going down there for the Valentines season but the final intelligence only came to us at the last second! These sick plague loving puppies employed an armada of street walkers to purposely spread new strains of STD’s among the unsuspecting populace. Strains specially created by the Plague Doctor himself. Naturally, these women of the night were charging fees far below that of the average prostitute in order to lure weak-willed men, and even women, into their wanton web of despicable diseases!

Our resident demi-mermaid witch Rebecca Abernathy, telekinetic psychic Julia Hathaway, and demi-zombie Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie posed as prospective street walkers. Rebecca had everyone, including herself, disguised with a magical Glamour spell to alter their appearances. Otherwise, odds are good they would be recognized as members of Mystic Investigations since we are an international supernatural crime-fighting firm! We had learned about a recruitment station in an abandoned wharf side warehouse that would be taking place at Midnight. I swear this sinister stuff always goes down in abandoned warehouses between the Witching Hour and dawn! There our ladies came across the deceptively lovely Typhoid Mary. An asymptomatic carrier of a plethora of diseases including her infamous Typhoid. This meant she could spread disease yet not display any symptoms herself. She wore a surgical mask and kept her distance from everyone as she wished not to infect the participants with various diseases. Thankfully, Rebecca could not catch anything courtesy of her mermaid side. Ashley was half zombie and therefore half dead so it was not a worry for her. On the other hand, Julia was only human so she had to tread carefully.

Ultimately, everyone was selected on the condition they get it on with the Plague Doctor, also known as Dr. Darius Maximilian and Dr. Darius Death. He’s an asymptomatic carrier of every disease known and not known to humankind! Some say he even infected himself with the zombie virus yet remain unaffected! He is the ultimate Patient Zero of everything! This denizen of diseased darkness also has supernatural Disease Manipulation abilities. He can actually decide what disease he will give someone and doesn’t have to always wear his infamous bird’s beak mask. He certainly had it off for what he called “Ritualistic Entry Into His Cult”. That being sex with all the women in the room to spread his sickening STD strains so that they may, in turn, give them to the general populace as a Valentines Day gift. Naturally, he promises magical countermeasures to ensure they don’t suffer the symptoms. However, eventually they do and he could care less if they die once they’ve served their usefulness! He considers the average person a so-called “Useful Idiot”.

Rebecca wanted to put a stop to this so she stripped naked to get the Doctors attention! Indeed he wanted her to be first. LOL! Being a Mermaid-Human Hybrid she was the hottest chick in the room with or without a Glamoured facade. The Doctor made a beeline for her while wearing nothing but a pair of boxers with black crows on them. It would have been a joke if it wasn’t a very real dangerous situation. Rebecca embraced him and then screamed,”Mystic Sphere!” This activated a pink translucent astral energy sphere around her and the Doctor. As she yelled,”movere deinceps!” they shot through the concrete wall sending chunks of stone everywhere!  Typhoid Mary yelled,”Noooooo! Darius!” She ran after him while motioning to some minions near the exits to follow her. The prospective women just stood there with shocked looks on their faces. Ashley and Julia bellowed for the ladies to leave as they were in grave danger. Indeed they ran for the doors. Ashley tapped into her zombie side while Julia summoned up her telekinetic powers to deal with the Plague Doctors minions!

Meanwhile, near the water’s edge Rebecca purposely crashed the Plague Doctor into a huge metal bollard meant for tying up a giant freighter. Her bubble burst and she flew into the ice cold bay. He was dazed as he got to his knees. At that moment our very own Drake Alexander, vampire extraordinaire, bit into his neck with a bellowing roar. His enraged eyes glowing crimson over this despicable servant of darkness. Drake had hoped to weaken him and even acquire his paranormal powers temporarily through his blood. Something vampires can do with most supernatural beings. However, upon ingesting his beyond vile tasting blood laden with toxic disease he knew it was a mistake! Drake fell to the ground literally sick to his stomach as the brownish red sludge the Plague menace calls blood oozed down his chin.

The Doctor Of Death rose forth holding Drake’s neck and lifting him into the air with super strength! All the while cackling like a wacko! He glared at Drake saying,”Oh filthy vampire did you really think you were a match for me!? I’ve survived countless centuries and gone up against far greater than you! Still, this is fortuitous as I have a wonderful new disease brewing in me you might like a taste of. A virus I’m hoping will kill every one of you vexing vampire vermin! You have the honor of being my first test subject. Since you drank my blood the virus is in you as we speak. Unfortunately, the viral strain is stubbornly dormant so I need to give it a little kick to let loose its living hell upon your blood sucking DNA!” He grabbed the weakened Drake and pulled his head downward while displaying a sinister smile. The Plague Doctor’s eyes glowed a toxic brown hue as he was about to literally plant the kiss of death upon Drake.

Thankfully, a now clothed and De-Glamoured Rebecca fired forth a volley of mini Mystic Spheres or metaphysical energy balls. The Doctor cried out in pain and dropped Drake to the ground. The Plague Doctor then fell to the ground himself while screaming in agony as Rebecca began shooting lightning from her hands courtesy of her relationship with quite a few Lightning Goddesses. Rebecca’s eyes glowed green with the magic of witchcraft but began turning yellow as red illumination born of anger mixed in. She not only knew of the evil suffering this man had spread through the centuries but also sensed it within him as well. It was time for him to die in order to save countless future lives! She called upon all her magics and let the dark doctor have all of it with extreme prejudice! It seemed the living paranormal plague was about to expire when Typhoid Mary tackled Rebecca into the dark chilling waters of the wharf!

Back inside the warehouse, Ashley’s eyes turned zombie gray just short of silver as she attempted not to lose herself in mindless madness! She bit into some of the thugs with a low guttural sound vibrating forth. Julia telekinetically tossed crates and other large objects at the rest. One pulled out a gun and fired but she changed the route of the bullet to hit the wall instead of her! Julia had taken out her punks and had to pull Ashley off the last one as she began eating him alive! Ashley pushed her away with eyes now a reflective silver as flesh and blood dripped down her pale white chin. She growled as Julia reached her mind with empathic abilities to calm her down. Ashley snapped out of it and was human again! The dynamic duo ran outside to see where everyone else went.

Rebecca was quite drained due to all the power she mustered up and was having quite a time tussling with Typhoid Mary in the frigid water. Mary herself had enhanced strength like the Plague Doctor. This courtesy of the Gods that they worship. That being two of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. Pestilence and Death! Rebecca was more agile in the water being half mermaid and eventually tapped into her hydrokinetic powers to shoot Mary back onto the dock in a torrent of water. Rebecca wriggled out of the water like an excited dolphin minus the tail. Her eyes illuminated sapphire with the heritage of Atlantis behind her. Ashley and Julia ran up stopping the Doctor from crawling away. Rebecca punched Mary in the jaw knocking her out cold! Drake rested against a bollard extremely ill from the poisonous blood. The weakened Plague menace sneered and angrily declared,”You have no idea who you’re dealing with! The wrath of Pestilence and Death will be brought down on you like a plague of rapid diseased locusts!”  Everyone shrugged and Rebecca smiled saying,”Sounds like fun plague boy!”

Rebecca wanted to kill the whole lot of Plague Cultist scum. Heck, quite a few of the minions were dead by Ashley’s zombified bite and Julia’s launching of heavy crates upside heads! Drake ordered them to take the Plague Doctor and Typhoid Mary into custody so we could turn them over to the great Sorcerer Ian McTavish. He owns a super maximum paranormal prison in addition to running his Magic School in Scotland. Rebecca reluctantly took out magically spelled shackles and placed them on the disgusting duo. Suddenly the already cloudy skies grew ominously thick with black fog swirling down onto the dock. Thunderous lightning crackled across the skies! The Plague Doctor snickered in triumph,”Ah yes fools I feel the presence of Death! Your time is up!” Indeed a skeletal specter wearing a black hooded robe and holding a large sharp scythe appeared! It was the ultimate Grim Reaper Death himself!

Death swung his scythe at Rebecca but Drake sprung forth and took the blow to his chest. It caused a gaping wound but didn’t kill him since he’s a vampire and technically dead. Rebecca shot Death with an enchanted energy volley but he absorbed it while letting loose a laugh so loud it caused immense pain in everyone’s ears and shattered all the windows in the warehouse. His spectral form became more solidified as he took complete physical form. Rebecca tried again but her magic was no match for this literal personification of death for the entire Omniverse! Nothing short of Omnimagic would possibly work against this terrifying titan! The Plague Doctor begged,”My deliciously dark Lord please accept everyone here except my dear Mary as sacrifices to you and your honorable comrade in arms Pestilence!” Death responded,”Yes my son I accept these sacrifices!” The Grimmest Of Reapers waved his hand and the shackles disintegrated from his and Mary’s wrists. They both sprung up re-energized and smirking in smug glee!

Death’s eyes amazingly glowed black! He then exclaimed,”And now you all shall die! The vampire and the zombie will be excised leaving only their humanity for my scythe of death to take! You will live within my dark void for all eternity!” He swung his implement of terror wildly but a thick thunderous beam of orange flames knocked his scythe from his hand. Everyone was shocked to see it was the Devil himself with his young son the Anti-Christ in tow. The boy appeared to be about 7 years old even though his birth in April 2015 would only make him 3. Death was a bit surprised but quickly recovered as his sharp implement flew back to his hand. He then angrily yelled,”Satan you really think you’re a match for me?” The Devil replied,”Perhaps not but with my son, my Archdemons, and the King Of Hell we might stand a chance!” The Super Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo stepped from a flaming portal with several Arch-Demons following him. It seems the war for power in Hell was over and Diablo entered into a truce with the Devil! Diablo’s magic was so amazing that he was able to oust the Devil from power even being only human! Both had their own demonic factions and Diablo accepted remaining King so as long as he accepted the Devil as Hell’s Emperor. The Devil would be busy with Armageddon War plans while Diablo managed Hell itself with the gift of additional Archdemon abilities.

Death inquired,”Why do you care what happens to these puny physical beings?” The Devil replied,”They’re destined to be major players in the apocalypse and I’m a stickler for prophecy!” Diablo added,”You’re also forbidden by God from being on Earth until your own prophesied Armageddon battles. I’d leave before Archangels get wind of your presence here!” Death laughed and replied,”Oh yes you boys love playing by the rules! As for you Diablo I will be reaping you very soon! Until we meet on the battlegrounds of the end times!” Death vanished into a black fog with the Doctor and Mary in his grip! After they were gone everyone stared in awkward silence.  Drake muttered,”I guess we should thank you…” The Devil interrupted,”Don’t think I haven’t forgotten your role in trapping me on Earth during the First Battle Of Armageddon! It may have turned out for the best in the end…” He turned to smile at his new partner Diablo who was now no longer the eternal loner. “…but I never forget a wrong against me! Mystic Investigations will ultimately die a horrendous death on my battlefield of brimstone and blood! Then I will drag your souls to Hell for all eternity!”

Drake, Rebecca, Julia, and Ashley looked on in silent shock as the skies abruptly cleared and rays of white light streamed down on everyone. The Devil then yelled,”Oh crap back to sweet Hell everyone!” The devilish gang re-entered the portal of Hell and disappeared. At that moment the white light vanished as well but not before healing Drake’s wound along with the sickness caused by the Plague Doctor’s nasty blood! Truly it was simultaneously the most terrifying and then the most peaceful experience ever! Rebecca said,”Darn I thought we were going to see some angels!” Drake replied,”Ah someday Rebecca! Someday! Let’s call the police to collect the thugs left alive in the warehouse. I’m sure the criminal scum have warrants for their arrests.” They all stopped at an all-night diner to eat before flying away in the Mysticopter hidden nearby. They picked the rest of our team up in the Adirondack Mountains and home to Woodland Springs, Colorado we flew!

Final Footnote: Drake Alexander has always been a free spirit who cares not for the Transylvanian vampire royals. However, he extended an olive branch and told them that The Plague Doctor may have a virus that kills vampires. Now all vampires have standing orders to kill Doctor Death on sight if they can! [Twitter]

Villainous Valentines Vendetta

Over the past week there have been increasing reports of missing women across Comanche County. Today three alone went missing! The County Sheriff’s department found that all the women graduated from Woodland Springs High School Class of 2010, or in some cases worked at the school during the previous 4 years. Other than that there are no other leads, and nobody witnessed what happened to the women. Oddly enough no media outside the county seems to be reporting the story. Since there’s no evidence of a government cover-up it’s most likely magical intervention. We here at Mystic Investigations decided to get involved since my Vice-President and girlfriend Rebecca Abernathy is friends with one of the women who disappeared. Another 2010 graduate named Penny Randall. In addition Rebecca has mentored at the high school from 2009 onward. Things got more interesting when our Psychic Julia Hathaway got a vision when she touched Rebecca by chance at the office. She saw Rebecca in a cage on Valentine’s Day along with several other women in cages as well.

Knowing that Rebecca would be a victim caused us to set a Valentine’s Day trap for whoever or whatever is responsible for these disappearances which we now know to be kidnappings mysteriously devoid of ransom. Many of the alarming abductions took place during daylight hours yet nobody saw a thing! This certainly ruled out a number of creatures such as vampires and made the use of dark magic the most likely cause. We decided to close the office while the entire Mystic Investigations gang hid about the grounds and inside Remington Manor. Rebecca, and I went about our day off on alert for anything suspicious!

At Noon most of the supernatural investigations team came in the kitchen for lunch with a few staying outside to stand hidden guard. After everyone was done they dispersed back to their respective hiding spots and I went into the living room to start a DVD for me and Rebecca to watch. All the sudden I hear our Executive VP Drake Alexander yell,”Rebecca where are you going? Rebecca stop!” I ran into the kitchen to see Drake preventing Rebecca from going out the back door. She had a blank stare on her face as she said in a monotone voice,”Mystic Sphere“. A clear pink sphere of energy appeared around her. It threw Drake against the wall causing a large hole. I then tried to grab her but could not get hold of her due to the awesome power of the Mystic Sphere. Drake then transformed his vampirical features and angrily growled as he tried to punch his way into the Mystic Sphere. He was able to punch into it but it stretched inward as if he was forcing his way into bubble gum. Rebecca then waved toward the windows and said,”patefacio”. All the blinds then snapped open letting in sunlight which caused Drake to scream in pain as smoke rose from his skin. Rebecca then calmly walked out of the door and in to the backyard. I followed her and kept telling her to stop but she never once looked at me. Drake ran into the other room for shelter.

Julia Hathaway came from around the side of the house and started talking to thin air. She said,”Why are you doing this? Who are you working for? Answer me dammit!” I then yelled,”Everybody stop Rebecca! She’s in some kind of trance!” Everybody ran from their hiding places toward Rebecca who was still sporting her Mystic Sphere as she started walking into the Enchanted Woodland. I knew if she entered and got at least 10 feet from us she could easily disappear into the magical woods. Julia gave up talking to whoever she was talking to and tried using her telekinesis on Rebecca but it could not penetrate the sphere. Zack tried to punch his way in using his bionic arm but it was no match for her magic. Rob Edmunds shot of his energy particle gun used for poltergeists but the Mystic Sphere absorbed the energy. Hunter Jackson had his machine gun and I authorized him to use it but only to aim at the top of the sphere well above her head. He let off several rounds but the bullets bounced off the sphere.

Just as Rebecca was about to enter the woods Julia used her telekinesis to bend trees down to block Rebecca’s path. Rebecca stopped, touched the trees, and then said,”incendia suscipio”. Flames began to spread on the bark. However within seconds the fire extinguished and the bark was undamaged. This was due to the fact that the trees of the Enchanted Woodland were magically protected from harm by Mother Nature. I stood beside her and pleaded with her to come back in the house but she simply ignored me. Rebecca then calmly said,”fuga supremus nemus” in a monotone voice and flew up above the tree line and over the Enchanted Woodland. Julia then caused herself to levitate via her telekinetic powers and she headed after Rebecca. We all ran into the woods and watched them overhead. I knew it was only a matter of time before Rebecca exhausted her powers. I only hoped it would be before she disappeared into the enigmatic foliage of the Enchanted Woodland.

Rebecca suddenly dived down into the woods ahead of us and we ran in that direction as Julia came down at a much slower pace. We came upon Julia who said that Rebecca vanished without a trace. Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie and Soldier Hunter Jackson utilized their tracking skills but could find no trail. They surmised Rebecca was hovering inches off the ground. We all spread out and called out to her but we couldn’t find her. After a few hours we headed back to the Manor to tell Drake what happened. Julia worked to have another vision to find Rebecca and said she just now walked into the cage she had seen in an earlier vision. Unfortunately she didn’t have a location on that cage. As the sun began to set we were counting on Drakes keen sense of smell along with Julia’s psychic abilities to find Rebecca.

At some point Rebecca blacked out and when she awoke in groggy haze she saw metal bars around her.  As her eyes focused in the dimly lit room she realized she was in a cage.  A cage barely big enough for her to lie down in or stand up all the way.  She got up being careful not to hit her head on the top of the confining prison and saw she was surrounded by other cages.  Each one with a woman in it.  Some sleeping but many of them crying or looking about with scared looks on their faces.  Just as she was wondering how she had gotten into this predicament since the last thing she remembered was being in the kitchen at Remington Manor, a lady cried out,”Rebecca is that you?”  Rebecca turned and saw her friend Penny Randall was in a nearby cage.  Rebecca replied,’Penny are you okay?  What is going on here?”  Penny cried,”I’m fine.  I was at work and went out to my car to go to lunch and then I blacked out.  I woke up here and then I was forced to put on an ugly dress and have a candle lit dinner with Mark Eckert.  He’s a sick son of bitch!”  Rebecca exclaimed,”I can’t believe that creepy nerd from high school Mark Eckert kidnapped us! I’m going to kick his…”  She was interrupted by an angry male voice yelling,”Yeah bitch this nerd did kidnap you!  A nerd a hell of a lot smarter than you!  After all whose in the cage you stuck up bitch!”  Rebecca then screamed,”You little piece of crap you have no idea who the hell you’re dealing with!”  He then screamed back,”Shut the hell up! I own you now!  Your days as the popular little Miss perfect cheerleader are over!  You will spend the rest of your days here whether you like it or not!”

Rebecca was beyond infuriated and screamed,”MYSTIC SPHERE!”  The pink see through energy sphere expanded around her as everyone including Mark has a shocked look on his face.  The bars of the cell began to bend as the sphere fought against the cold hard steel.  The bars were busted and Rebecca stepped free of her prison and roundhouse kicked Mark in the face causing him to fly against the wall.  I taught her that move.  She ran toward him to inflict some more pain on her capture when all the sudden a huge figure tackled her from the dark shadows.  She then yelled,”MYSTIC SPHERE DESUMO!” and the pink sphere engulfed her and the giant man.  Electrical sparks danced about the sphere electrocuting the man but leaving Rebecca unharmed.  He fell off her and groaned next to her and sprung up to face Mark who was already up.  He then said,”Well well I guess you have some power but so do I.  Perk?nas permissum puter vestri lux lucis of ira!”  Light purple to pink electrical sparks flew from his hands like mini lightening bolts heading toward Rebecca while she yelled,”declino!”  The electrical barrage bounced off her hands and hit Mark in chest causing him to fall to the floor.  She then said,”That’s borrowed power Mark.  I’m the real deal!  You were a pathetic loser in high school and you’re still one all these years later.  Seriously I’m embarrassed for you.”  Rebecca then began laughing as now upright 7 foot tall heavy set thug came up behind her.  Without turning around she swung her leg backward and kicked him in the balls with the heel of her shoe.  He fell to the floor screaming in agony.

Rebecca grabbed some shackles off the wall to restrain the two fiends and Mark then gripped a dark purple amulet around his neck and bellowed,”Lexanna help me!”  Suddenly a bright burst of light and smoke blinded Rebecca.  When it cleared a beautiful woman with long wavy raven hair wearing a long flowing black robe appeared.  She then said,”How may I be of assistance Mark?”  He then said,”This bitch of a witch is ruining my fun!”  Rebecca then said,”Let me guess you’re the fool whose supplying little Marky with his magic.  Why are you helping this little perv capture women?”  Lexanna replied,”Mark has been a loyal servant and I live to encourage his growing evil.  He will be an asset to some powerful people someday.  People who have a vision for this planet.  People I serve and protect with my life.  Now get the hell back in that cage girl!”  She then waved her hand while saying,”ballista bitch!”  Rebecca was sent hurling through the air into an empty cage nearby.  Her head hit the bars and she was knocked out cold.

Mark then said,”How can I have her as my special guest tonight?  She’s too powerful.”  Lexanna then ran her hand through Mark’s hair while softly saying,”Fear not my boy I shall bind her powers and the good witch will be helpless as a kitten.”  Mark then said,”Even her physical skills?”   She replied,”Yes I’ll secure the entire house with a protection spell of non-violence.  She will be unable to hurt you.”  Lexanna bent down beside the cage and reached in to touch Rebecca’s face while saying,”I am sensing great untapped power with in her.  She comes from a long line of witches….mermaid witches.  How exciting!  To bring her across into our realm of shadows would be quite a triumph for evil.  I take leave of you now Mark!”  Lexanna then disappeared into a ball of light and smoke….To Be Continued.