The Pyrokinetic Protege – Part 3

Monday Morning – July 6th, 2015 (Continued From Part I Battle)
Fair Witch RebeccaAn eclectic iridescent array of magic mortar fire shimmered, and glimmered about rattling the very foundations of our offices as everyone scattered for defensive positions in the battle against the blasphemous Brimstone, Sorcerer Of Shadows.  He stood his ground deflecting the magical volleys via his dark super charged metaphysical energy aura while taking his time to build up large energy orbs in his hands.  Once complete these green glittering spheres were lopped at us with extreme prejudice causing desks, file cabinets, and walls to be blasted away.  So much for our last remodeling project! In order to have more magical fighting power Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy refrained form using her defensive Mystic Sphere shield, and instead concentrated everything she had into the pink lightening she shot forth from her hands. A power she receives by calling upon Fulgora, the Roman Goddess of Lightening along with Thor, the Norse God of Lightening & Thunder. She actually met Thor himself recently in her battle with the Friday The 13th Demon Specter.

Vampire Drake Alexander has drank the blood of magical practitioners before in order to temporarily mimic their powers. However in Brimstone’s case a Sorcerers blood is something different.  The powers are truly marshaled directly from the mind rather than the body. So Drake had the power potential without the exact knowledge how to completely access it.  Drake did manage to create some decent sized energy balls to lop at Brimstone along with amplifying his demonic vampire aura for metaphysical shielding. Thomas, the Pyrokinetic Protege of the Sorcerer Brimstone, proved to be quite amazing as he whipped up fireballs to shoot at the Sorcerer.  He also created deeply distracting mini fireworks around Brimstone that had somewhat of a blinding effect. I, Xavier Remington, even entered the fray courtesy of some borrowed magical power from Rebecca.  Usually humans can’t take too much lent power but for reasons not fully understood I’ve always been able to withstand a great many supernatural things I shouldn’t.  Ghostbuster Rob Edmunds let loose his quantum particle disruption gun used for malevolent spirits while Ex-Navy Seal Hunter Jackson actually shot his machine gun at Brimstone.  Unfortunately both the quantum gun, and machine gun bullets bounced off Brimstone’s diabolical aura shield. Psychic Julia Hathaway wasn’t able to budge his shield much by using her Telekinetic powers to launch furniture at him. Bionic boy wonder Zack Powers couldn’t get close enough to use his cybernetic abilities, and failed at attempting to use Father Tom’s holy water, and other Christian artifact measures.  We knew Brimstone would forego calling upon any demonic powers, and rely only on his Sorcery.

Brimstone began weakening under the multiple mystical assaults, and began bolting about from room to room seeking shelter behind furniture, and walls when convenient.  He then began to use guile by astrally projecting false versions of himself in an attempt to fool us.  Naturally those of us with enhanced senses, especially scent, were not fooled by this.  Although it was distracting, and eventually the supernatural shooting died down as we slinked about cautiously after losing track of Brim.  Nothing but the sound of dangling flickering light fixtures crackling with electricity, and small fires some of us put out with extinguishers.  Thomas was able to snuff out flames via his fire manipulation powers.  Other than some scrapes, and bruises we had fared well thus far. Unbeknownst to us Brimstone himself was actually sitting in the cafeteria sweating profusely while sipping a Diet Coke.  His own protege Dimitri Diablo, current King Of Hell, was notorious for consuming only Diet Cokes, and nothing else.  Seriously we have no idea where it came from because we don’t stock our vending machines with that vile chemical brew! For the love of God just drink the regular Coke! It isn’t going to kill you! LOL!

Brimstone made his way to the basement level, and entered Dr. Ashley Abercrombie’s lab where the voracious shark toothed little Chupacabra she released was still devouring one of Brim’s henchmen. The Chupa turned around glaring at him with it’s dead black eyes while making unholy guttural hissing noises.  The creature shot at the Sorcerer, and he caught the thing by the neck snapping it instantly.  Then he actually bit into the demonic reptile draining it of it’s blood.  Clearly obtaining sanguine energy from it like a vampire.  Brimstone proceeded to make his way to the sub-basement walking into the Cryptid Containment Area teaming with caged paranormal life.  He began ritually sacrificing them one by one while painting demonic symbols about the room in supernatural blood.  It seems he was going to call upon demonic powers again.  He knew he had only one shot at us as he risked the use of religious symbology to neutralize him.  Ashley was behind some cages, and attempted to sneak up on him with a large machete.  However he shot her with deadly demonic energies effectively killing her….or so he thought.  As a Demi-Zombie Ashley can’t be killed so easily.  Despite self-resurrecting she continued to play dead which is easy for her since she can keep her heart, and breathing to nearly zero. None of the remaining Cryptid creatures roaming about the room bothered her since most paranormal entities loathe zombies.

Brimstone had knocked out our internal surveillance grid, and was magically cloaked so we had to do a pain staking room by room search of our entire facility.  Meanwhile Brimstone had completed his dark ritual, and was setting an explosive enchanted trap for us!  He teleported upstairs in our administrative assistant area outside our executive offices.  There he set-up his metaphysical mayhem, and lured us upstairs by bellowing his voice about the office taunting us.  We all came upstairs where it was virtually dark except for the daylight coming in from the windows of the outer offices.  Suddenly he popped up from behind a desk screaming,”Diabolica Displodo!”  Next there was a blinding neon orange explosion that caused the collapse of the entire second floor.  We all plummeted downward as the floor turned to dust.  Brimstone was levitating above us cackling maniacally with glee while smugly looking down upon us.  Some of us were briefly knocked out while others were dazed.  Brimstone then proudly exclaimed,”Come now you amateurs really thought you’d destroy the greatest Sorcerer on Earth! The Master Of Magic Brimstone!  Now you shall all die!”  Purple electrical bolts began shooting around him 360 degrees supernaturally shocking us lying below.  We writhed in paranormal pain as the bolts made contact with us! It seemed it was finally the end for us at Mystic Investigations.  Our luck had finally run out!

Amazingly at that moment our second greatest nemesis next to the Devil himself appeared in a ball of tortuously screaming flames.  It was King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo.  Apparently after Brimstone left his blood sacrifices behind Ashley accessed the residual magic to summon Diablo.  The demonic power Brimstone called upon was Devil based rather then Dimitri Diablo based so she altered the ritual a bit to change that.  Brimstone was Diablo’s protege who betrayed him when he was a Sorcerer himself so Ashley hoped he’d want some revenge.  Brimstone was shocked by the appearance of Diablo.  Diablo bellowed,”You traitorous scum!  You think you’re the greatest magical master on Earth!  No you silly little twit that title would go to me. Your Master Diablo!”  He immediately shot concentrated hell fire at Brimstone causing him to crash to the ground with a loud thud.  Brim got to his knees looking upon Diablo with disdain as he muttered,”You bastard!”  Diablo chortled, and replied,”You horrendous hypocrite!  You turn on me yet you expect your underlings to remain loyal to you!  I think you should come back to me Brimmy!  Join me in my new home within the very bowels of hell itself where you belong boy!”  Brimstone showed fear in his eyes for the first time, and answered,”I’ll die before I’ll serve you again!”  Brimstone shot a volley of green glittering energy at Diablo but he merely absorbed it, and shot red waves back that engulfed Brimstone. Diablo exclaimed,”Killing you would be a waste.  You have great potential.  You just need the proper discipline!”  Brimstone screeched in terrified agony before fading away into nothing. Diablo had in fact sent him to straight to Hell!  Left behind was Brimstone’s Sorcery robe.

Diablo stood among us in his glittering gold gown smirking as we started to get up.  However he snapped,”No please I must insist you bow to your King!”  He used some manner of telekinesis to force us back to our knees.  He bent over, and pulled a can of Diet Coke from Brim’s robe lying on the ground.  Diablo took a sip, and uttered,”Ah yes my sweet Aspartame! Nectar of the Gods! It’s been so long!” We looked at him like he was deranged. He then said,”It’s amazing how many times Mystic Investigations has inadvertently helped me! I thank you again! I’ve wanted Brimstone for quite some time but you know I’ve been busy with the war going on in Hell.  Those pesky demons loyal to the Devil are really quite a pain!  I’d be eternally grateful if you ever weakened him, and gave me an exact location as you did with Brimstone!  Thanks again, and may the forces of Hell roast you sweetly in your nightmares!”  He then snickered, snorted, and howled before disappearing into a two story high pillar of unholy flames.

We stood on our feet again shocked that the King Of Hell saved us!   I then turned to Thomas, and said,”Well I guess you’re free of Brimstone forever! What will you do now?”  Thomas replied,”I want to find all the people Brimstone has kidnapped, and trapped at his various hide outs around the world.  Then free them from his henchmen, and teach them how to use their powers to fight for the side of all that is right!”  We wished Thomas good luck in his quest, and told him we were here to help him if he needed it.  After he left we called in some top flight construction crews who worked 24-7 to restore our offices to their former glory within 2 weeks! This time the internal walls were given tornado proof properties like the external walls.  I mean seriously we’ve had to repair our offices a dozen times already!

Before Thomas left he acquired Brimstone’s secret journal from his discarded robe, and learned how to access more of his Pyrokinetic powers to the point of flying amid his furious flames somewhat like the video below. If you ever see a flaming humanoid flying across the night skies it could very well be Thomas The Pyrokinetic Master!

The Pyrokinetic Protege – Part 2

Independence Day 2015 – Just After Sunset
Luminary Lake FireworksA new Pyrotechnic company had been hired by the Woodland Springs town board to perform the community Fourth Of July fireworks show this year. It’s President was a Fireworks Artisan who simply went by the Thomas.  He was a mysterious individual who required complete privacy for himself, and his “pyrotechnic team”.  What he delivered was the most spectacular pyrotechnic displays ever seen!  The band nearby began playing the Star Spangled Banner as an intricate gargantuan American flag firework shot onto the dark canvas of the night sky.  Then things slowly built into the greatest fireworks show I ever saw in my life! Julia Hathaway, our Telekinetic Psychic, sensed something odd as the crowd cheered wildly over the amazing artistry of the glittering iridescent light display.

She looked over at the erected wooden wall behind which the fireworks were coming from.  Her curiosity got the better of her as she walked over.  The entire area was fenced in except for a small door that said KEEP OUT!  It was locked from the inside via a combination lock.  Julia could feel the metallic energy of the lock, and used her telekinesis to slowly turn the lock wheels into the correct combinations until she was able to psychically release the latch.  She opened the door, and Julia’s eyes grew wide as a young man in his early 20’s was literally shooting concentrated fire beams from his hands that manifested as blasting fireworks in the dark skies above! He turned around shocked as he noticed Julia.  Thomas halted his show not sure what to do next. Julia immediately sent him a calming telepathic message to his mind, and urged him to finish the show.  He ended the legendary luminous display with intricate images of all the US Presidents, and the message,”God Bless America!”  He let out a sigh of relief while sweating profusely.  This one man show netted him $9,285 with no need to pay any pesky employees!

Julia introduced herself, and he told some of his story to a fellow psychokinetic power player.  He was a rare child born of a PSI power couple.  A talented Pyrokinetic Father, and Photokinetic Mother.  He inherited a wondrous combination of fire, and light manipulation powers that allowed him to do many things including putting on one hell of a fireworks show.  Julia brought him over to the Mystic Investigations group, and we all went to dinner together at Phil’s Old Fashioned Malt Shop.  There over burgers, fries, and magnificent chocolate malt shakes Thomas told us about the mysterious death of his parents at age 14 along with his adoption by a previously unknown “Uncle Brimstone” who took him under his wing as a prized protege.  Clearly the Sorcerer Brimstone was manipulating him for use in his personal Armageddon Army.  At age 17 Thomas was already questioning Brimstone’s true nature that he kept less, and less hidden as Brim attempted to bring Thomas into his dark fold.  Then to his horror he found out it was Brimstone who killed his parents. That’s when Thomas bolted, and went out on his own.  At first he did magic shows but realized he would become too famous thereby allowing Brimstone to find him.  So Thomas finally settled on doing Fireworks shows since most people would focus on that rather than on him personally.  It was also convenient not to set down roots, and have a job that kept him moving to stay one step ahead of his former magical mentor.

Thomas was tired of running but he was no match for a powerful Sorcerer like Brimstone who was a one time disciple of the King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo.  We told him that Brimstone has connections around the world, and it would be only a matter of time before he was found.  After speaking to him at length we convinced him it was time to stay, and fight for his freedom on Independence Day!  We also decided it was the perfect opportunity to take out a prophesied major player in Armageddon.  He was in the first battle, and that was enough! We offered Thomas lodging at our magically protected Safe House in the Enchanted Woodland. Just a stones throw away from Rebecca, and I at Remington Manor.  Rebecca, a top flight Demi-Mermaid Witch, was devising a magical attack strategy against Brimstone.  Our 5th generation vampire Drake, Ex-Navy Seal Hunter Jackson, and Julia decided to stay at the safe house to protect Thomas.

July 5th, 2015 – Sunday Morning
Holy ChurchThe night was uneventful, and Sunday morning we obligated our colleague Father Tom Davis’s usual weekly request, and attended another one of his boring…I mean beautiful church services.  All of us, including Thomas, sat in the pews listening to Father Tom’s sermon. Actually Drake couldn’t attend due to the sunlight, and his aversion to holy church’s.  Drake’s avoidance of the church has led the Father to often worry about Drake’s immortal soul…LOL!  Most of us had dozed off as Father Tom’s soothing voice sent us away to dream land.  Hunter even lied down on the floor respectfully using a Bible as a pillow. 🙂  Suddenly there was a huge crash as wooden splinters flew everywhere, and people were screaming like crazy.  It jolted us awake, and we turned around to see the Sorcerer Brimstone in his flowing robe snidely smiling while loudly declaring,”I do believe this church service is over!  You little sheep can all leave now, or be slaughtered later!  I’m only here for my boy Thomas!”

Father Tom angrily dashed up to the tall Sorcerer of darkness while many church goers dashed for the blasted smoking exit now devoid of doors.  The Father held his arms in front of him with a Bible in one hand, and a Crucifix in the other while saying,”The power of Christ compels you!  Be gone spawn of Hell!”  Tom then motioned for his choir boys to spritz Brimstone with holy water.  Brimstone spat some of the water out, and wiped his face with a blue satin hanky before chuckling a bit, and replying,”Really?  You think your silly God has any power over my magnificent magic? You will learn what true power really is little man!  Brimstone raised his hands attempting to shoot deadly magical energies from them but only a few amber sparks appeared as the rest of us were ready to pounce on him.  He was shocked for a moment while the Father said,”You were saying?  Filthy servant of Satan!”  Rebecca chimed in,”Yeah Poindexter we know you only rose to power once you pledged your allegiance to the Devil!  You do realize that makes you vulnerable to holy artifacts?”  I also added,”What kind of an idiotic Sorcerer calls upon anyone but themselves for power?  You’re nothing but a low rent Warlock!”  We all laughed at Brimmy as his face turned bright red with embarrassment.

Brimstone then calmed a bit, and replied solemnly,”Thomas come home with me.  You’re like a son to me. Things will be different this time I promise my dear boy.”  Thomas stepped forward, and seriously stressed,”How can things be different when I have proof you murdered my parents just to use me for your nefarious purposes? If you weren’t above human law you’d be in prison or worse by now! I’ll die before I ever go anywhere with you!”  Brimstone angrily responded,”This isn’t over boy!  You might be right!  You may very well die.  That is unless I can drag you home, and lock you up in a cage until I decide what to do with you!”  Brimstone snapped his fingers, and disappeared in a puff of red fire flashing smoke.  The church attendees who hadn’t left gasped in disbelief.  Father Tom calmed them down, and said,”See folks what the power of the Holy Lord can accomplish even in the face of pure demonic evil!”  We contemplated staying in the church as a safe haven but Rebecca knew this was a one time thing.  As a Sorcerer Brimstone would most likely see this as a wake up call, and attempt to do his own magic free of any demonic worship.

Julia sensed that the Safe House, and all our homes were compromised. In fact Brim’s henchmen were staking out everyone’s place including Drake Alexander’s Mystical Forest mansion.  However those particular henchmen mysteriously disappeared seconds after he spotted them.  We all decided our fortified headquarters was the best place to await Brimstone’s inevitable attack.  Thankfully we have emergency bedding in the office so we could get some sleep while taking turns keeping watch.  Luckily as a vampire Drake could easily stay up all night.  Before bed we ate dinner atop our roof garden under the stars.  For dessert Thomas lit a fire in his pyrokinetic hands, and we roasted marshmallows making S’mores.  He told us he didn’t want anyone to get hurt, and would leave town.  We made it clear our mission was to help those in need, and repel the forces of evil at all costs no matter how powerful they may be!

The Conclusion Part III >>>

The Pyrokinetic Protege

Monday Morning – July 6th, 2015
BrimstoneThe blasphemous Brimstone, Sorcerer Of Darkness, and former apprentice of the current King Of Hell Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo, magically blasted through the glass entrance doors of Mystic Investigations headquarters.  Amid the flying shattering glass he violently vociferated,”Mystic Investigations release my protege, and I promise nobody will be harmed! Keep me waiting any longer, and you shall all surely die!” Through the Sorcerer’s remodeled front entrance six of his henchmen entered all armed with swords.  Brimstone, dressed in his ceremonial Sorcerers robe, ordered them to scatter, and find everyone.  Brimstone himself walked behind the Receptionists desk, and activated the intercom system broadcasting his demands once again.  At that moment an old portly woman waddled in, and meekly said,”I have a Gnome in my basement.  He refuses to leave. He scares the hell out of me! Can you help me sir?”  Brimstone calmly replied,”My dear woman why on Earth would you want to get rid of a Gnome?  Consider it a blessing, and offer it plenty of children to eat.  In return he will defend you against any threat, and take out anyone you may find undesirable.”  The woman was speechless for several seconds before replying,”Ah ummm thank you sir.”  She turned around, and waddled out the door with a puzzled look on her face.

Meanwhile in the cafeteria foolish two henchmen stopped to smash in the vending machine in order to commandeer some candy bars as they commented they didn’t get paid enough to work for “that nutty Sorcerer”.  As they enjoyed their chocolate delights Executive Vice-President, and 700 something vampire Drake Alexander exited a secret panel in the wall quickly dispatching the two men with extreme neck snapping prejudice.  I confronted a henchman in the gym with the old bar bell to the head maneuver.  Zack Powers, the bionic boy wonder, took down one in the research library after he launched him through a wall. Julia Hathaway, our telekinetic psychic, sent another one crashing out a second story window.  Brimstone walked slowly about our facility calling out his protege’s name,”Thomas stop hiding behind these fools, and come out here to face me like a man!  It’s time to come home! We can work this out son!”  Thomas was hiding in one of our secret safe rooms with the fair witch, and Demi-Mermaid Rebecca Abernathy who swore to protect him from the dark dastardly Brimstone.

A fifth henchman was amid our rooftop garden when he spotted the Mysticopter on the helipad.  He reported back to Brimstone on his communicator that the engine was warm, and we were probably going to use it to escape. At that moment pilot,and Ex-Navy Seal Hunter Jackson polished off the lackey of evil with the non-business end of his machine gun.  The sixth henchman entered Cyptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie’s supernatural laboratory.  Near a cage behind him on the other side of the room Ashley uttered,”Say you ever seen a Chupacabra up close, and personal?”  The henchman swung around, and said,”What!?!” Ashley ripped the cage open, and the little shark toothed devil darted out making a bee line right for the mans throat.  Screams bellowed forth as Ashley exited her lab while saying,”I guess not.”

Brimstone attempted to contact his men on his communicator but all he got back was Fair Witch Rebeccadead air.  He muttered to himself,”Damn I knew I should have given them guns instead of swords!” Brimstone then roared,”Enough games Mystic Investigations!  I’ll tear this place to the ground until I find Thomas!”  He began shooting off concentrated metaphysical energy volleys from his hands blasting through furniture, walls, and ceilings.  Drake Alexander crashed through the ceiling on to the Sorcerers back, and bit into his neck drinking of his magically imbued blood before being repelled by a supercharged chakra aura shield.  Drake arose smiling now that the ingestion of Brim’s blood gave him temporary magical powers. Rebecca, and Thomas entered the scene at that point standing together with the rest of us behind the magical trio.  Drake then said,”I’ve got your magic for a bit now so I might as well use it.”  Brimstone cackled maniacally,”You think a juiced up vampire, a pathetic witch, and a photo-pyrokinetic boy are any match for the greatest Sorcerer on Earth?”  Rebecca chuckled, and replied,”I’m going to enjoy shearing that ego down to size you filthy pig!”  An iridescent array of magic shimmered, and glimmered about rattling the very foundations of our offices as we all scattered for defensive positions…

We met Thomas on July 4th when we discovered he was a photokineticpyrokinetic hybrid who was single-handedly putting on our towns fireworks show.  On the run from his former mentor the Sorcerer Brimstone who offered him safe haven.  We hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day!

Continued In The Pyrokinetic Protege Part II