The Devil vs Zeus

The Third Battle took place on the Super Blood Moon Night Of September 27th, 2015 In The Mystical Forest Of Woodland Springs, Colorado. However as a favor to the Greek God Zeus we here at Mystic Investigations, along with others in the supernatural know, promised not to reveal what happened until now. He feared his defeat at the hands of the Devil would not only represent a personal embarrassment but would destroy morale for all the Earthly Gods and Goddesses pledging to fight in his armies. Not to mention the ones he’s still negotiating with to join him in the future when large scale battles start to spill into the mainstream populace. Although it is said a number of these battles will be amid the chaos of standard human wars so they won’t be noticed as being paranormal. Interestingly enough The Supernatural Secrecy Pact makes an exception for Armageddon revealing elements of the supernatural world to humankind. Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Ask Mystic Blog…

Friday The 13th Demon Specter Defeated

Continued From Part 1: Friday The 13th Demon Specter Strikes

Friday The Thirteenth Demon Specter Of DarknessDrake Alexander, a 5th generation vampire nearly 8 centuries old, found himself lying helplessly on the dark Midnight lawn of the Woodland Springs, Colorado sorority house with the Friday The 13th Demon Specter glaring over him!  The sinister bloody illuminated crimson eyes of the black smokey skulled creature blinded him. Dark wandering wisps flowed furiously from the Specter into Drake, and then back again.  The demon was siphoning Drake’s sanguine energy.  The energy all vampires are powered by courtesy of the blood they ingest.  The demonic specter cackled menacingly as he declared,”Soon you shall be nothing but dust in the wind my puny vampire!”  Indeed unholy smoke vapors were rising from Drake’s body amid the specters own unholy fog. Once his sanguine energy was desiccated to absolute zero his demonic based vampire cells would burst into unholy fire, and there would be nothing left of Drake but ash.  Something that would most commonly happen if a vampire walked in the sun or was staked.

It’s a little known fact that one method of vampire eradication involves removing every last bit of sanguine energy.  However it’s supposedly impossible to accomplish except by magic, and even then it’s beyond difficult.  However exceptionally powerful psychic energy vampires have been known to disintegrate regular vampires in this fashion. Certainly a vampire can lie dormant without blood for thousands of years, and still be revived with a drop of blood.  There’s always just enough perpetual metaphysical blood energy to keep the immortal vampires alive.  Unfortunately the Friday The 13th Specter is a demon, and therefore has the power to affect demon based beings such as vampires.

Julia Hathaway still lie helpless under the dim street lamp on the edge of the road watching Drake’s face age rapidly.  Rather than a youthful thirty something, he appeared to be an old man pushing 100 human years old with the rest of his body losing it’s supernatural muscular tone.  Bones began to protrude amid small twinkling sparkles of unholy light.  The end was near as Julia cried out,”Noooooooooo!”  The demon looked at her with a snickering smile, and said,”Ah yes!”  The sorority sisters looked down from the second floor window screaming while Autumn Parker, the Specters original victim, still lie asleep experiencing Friday The 13th nightmares that included the unpleasant prospect of 13 years full of bad luck ahead of her!  The Specter spoke,”Now vampire I take the last ember of your sanguine sustenance from your pathetic meddling heart!  You had no business interfering in my ritual on this most sacred of days!”

At that moment a determined feminine voice screamed forth, “Mystic Sphere!”  It was Rebecca Abernathy, Mystic Investigations Demi-Mermaid Witch, utilizing her active witchcraft power of creating a pink translucent levitating energy bubble.  The bubble flew right into the demon taking him inside, and lofting the two into the starry skies above.  He looked at her in anger bellowing,”Filthy witch!”  He formed a dark dust tornado as he whirled around her wildly. Thankfully Mermaids can hold their breath for a long time.  However she quickly created a second energy sphere in the middle where she was thereby trapping the specter in the outer sphere.  He was a powerful demon, and she couldn’t hold him for long.  She flew to Nebraska as quickly as possible to enter the Central Time Zone where it was no longer the Witching Hour but rather the 1 AM hour.  The hope was to temporarily mess up his precise paranormal ritual involving 13 victims on Earth all within the Midnight hour in various time zones around the world.  His adherence to strict ritual indicated he was bound by some entity, or force.  The goal was to use this against him!

Back on the ground the rest of the team came to the aid of Drake, and Julia.  Drake practically looked like a sparkling Twilight skeleton on the verge of bursting into full fledged furious flames.  One of our team members Elizabeth Weatherly offered him her wrist pulsing with nourishing blood.  His normal hesitation wasn’t present as he urgently bit into her, and partook of her sanguine sustenance with the thirst of a thousand burning hot deserts! I had to pull her away because she became dizzy. Some muscle tone was returning along with color in his grayed skin. Hunter Jackson, our large Ex-Navy Seal, said,”I can give plenty of pints!”  Despite the horror of seeing his entire Seal team taken down by a nest of feral Nosferatu style vampires in a Middle Eastern cave, he knew Drake was a righteous man so he volunteered his own blood to save him.  Drake bit into Hunters wrist, and drank heartily for thirty seconds before Hunter was forced to pull away.  However Drake’s grip was was like an iron  vice-grips, and Hunter was forced to punch him in the face several times.  Drake was starting to look like his old self as he rested on the Sorority house lawn.  Julia got up as she recovered from the Friday The 13th Specters attack on her.  We only hoped Rebecca’s plan to call upon a powerful Goddess, and thereby lure some other powerful Gods into the fight would defeat this demonic menace to humankind once, and for all!

While flying toward Nebraska amid the sparse clouds, and light of the partially lit Moon,
Rebecca began reciting an incantation while holding a special talisman made of copper with a Chrysocolla stone in the center surrounded by smaller rose quartz crystals. As she lit a magical sachet of various herbs, small crystals, and other substances ablaze, Rebecca forcefully called out,”Goddess Of Friday I humbly call unto thee.  Oh fair Frigga, wife of Odin, mother of Thor, upon this day sworn with your protection. Let this demon of darkness who defiles the day you adorn feel the wrath of your scorn.  May this dark thorn in our sides be torn asunder forever more!” Just as they entered Nebraska air space Rebecca lost her powers between the Demon fighting to escape, and the powerful spell she was casting to call upon the Norse Goddess Frigga.  The Mystic Sphere burst, and they landed in a snow ridden corn field causing white dust to fly about.  The demons eyes stared upon Rebecca with pure hatred as she lie weak on the ground amid dried snowy corn stalks.  He howled,”I don’t care what time it is! You’re going to die witch! And mark my words it will be beyond sinfully slow as I relish in showing you the pinnacle of pain your body is capable of!”  He descended on her making a sinister slithering sound, and attempted to enter her mind but Rebecca’s Mermaid half confused his effort.  However he did begin sucking away what was left of her witchcraft energies, and he finally figured out she was a Demi-Mermaid.  He declared,”This is quite a night for me!  First a Telekinetic Psychic, a Vampire, and now a Mermaid! You’re far away from the sea little girl, and your Atlantean energies will be mine!”  He began siphoning away her immortal essence. Although be it far slower than Drake’s since she was not demonic based.

It seemed her spell had failed since normally the powers a witch calls upon Gods & Goddesses for is funneled through said witch acting as a power conduit.  Miraculously this time things were different for Frigga had heard the call for help, and was deeply angered by this demonic entity claiming Friday, her name sake, for himself even if it was only on the 13th.  A shining white light lit the wintery corn field as bright as the sun.  The demon turned to see a beautiful Goddess wearing a sparkling light blue dress as her aura glowed bright white.  He gave up his efforts to drain Rebecca’s energy, and levitated his smokey form toward the light hesitantly.  He then laughed maniacally,”Oh my a Goddess!  I’ve never been so popular! Am I supposed to be impressed?”  The Goddess Frigga replied,”You sicken me with your mere presence fallen Angel! I shall no longer allow you to defile my day!  I reassert my authority over my sacred Friday!”  He continued cackling, and replied,”Try freak of nature! You so called Gods are a wretched joke!” Energized lightning flew forth from her hands toward him but he quickly dissipated his foggy form, and flew about the field dodging her attacks.  He attempted to perform his tornado act on her but she dissipated it into a thousand orbs of glittering energy that in turn attempted to engulf him.  The two forces attacked, and evaded each other rocking the field in explosive lights causing craters to form everywhere.

Thunder ThorFinally they reformed as Frigga was caught in the demonic crimson energy beams of his hellish eyes.  Her Goddess energy was weakening as he said,”Ah yes did you really think a puny Earthly spirit would be a match for a demon of Hell?  A fallen Angel from the Heavens of the Omniverse God!”  Frigga’s aura disappeared, and she appeared more human as blood began dripping from her nose.  Suddenly from the dark skies an insanely loud clap of thunder bellowed down followed by two huge bolts of lightening.  Now standing in between the injured Frigga, and the demon were the legendary Gods Odin, and his son Thor.  Thor was deeply angered as he cursed,”Son of bitch!  How dare you attack my mother you denizen of darkness!”  He came at the demon with his infamous hammer as Odin knelt down re-energizing his Goddess wife’s life force.  The Friday The 13th Demon Specter was fogging in, and out around Thor until Odin hit him with a humongous lightening bolt that caused him to stay in a physical form just long enough for Thor to slam his hammer into the demons skull.

Rebecca was lying on the ground watching the fantastical spectacle of Gods vs Demon.  The demon lie on the ground as Thor leaped into the air to deliver a final blow of his supernatural hammer on the demon but he shot forth his crimson eye beams to deflect him.  The Specter muttered,”No self respecting demon would be defeated by you pathetic so called Gods!”  At that moment Odin, Frigga, and Thor stood over him smiling as all three delivered lightening energy beams from their hands into his body violently. He screamed in agony,”Noooooo!”  Odin replied,”Ah yes!”  Thor yelled,” Go back to the Hell you came from!” Hel, daughter of the Norse God Loki, appeared.  She presides over the Norse Hell dimension within the general Underworld.  She announced,”I’ll take him from here my Lord!”  She then inhaled his weak unholy vapors, and vanished into the depth’s of the Underworld.  All three glowing Gods then walked over to Rebecca, and shot a warm amber energy into her body.  She immediately sprung up smiling as she declared what an honor it was to meet such legendary Gods!  Frigga replied,”You’re such a brave girl. I’m thankful for you bringing the demonic abomination to my attention.”  Odin then said,”I’m not sure I appreciate my wife being put in danger.  However this was great practice for the coming battles of Armageddon.  We need more people like you to insure that the Gods are victorious in claiming final victory of Earth, and protecting humanity from the dark forces of damnation!”  Thor then chimed in,”And such a striking beautiful one you are my dear!”  He kissed her hand, and Rebecca uncharacteristically blushed as she swooned over the God. Odin cleared his throat, and said,”I think we should leave now before we attract too much demon, and angel attention!”  They bid Rebecca farewell, and teleported on a giant lightening beam into the Heavens above!  The tremendous thunder burst echoed for a minute afterward!  Rebecca then yelled,”Mystic Sphere”, and flew back to Colorado in her mystical energy orb.

News of the Friday The 13th Demon Specters defeat at the hands of the Norse God Trinity sent shock waves across the paranormal community.  It gave hope that the Earthly Gods could defeat the Demons, and hold off the Angels so they could take their rightful position as protectors of Earth & humanity!  This is kind of the sentiment among many in the metaphysical community as they feel the Angels are micro-managing Earth when their job should be presiding over the greater Universe.  Unfortunately a demon can’t be completely extinguished from existence since they are connected to the powerful King Archdemon Devil’s life force, and theoretically Dimitri Diablo’s as well since he’s the current King Of Hell. There’s also the issue with their multi-dimensional spirits. The Friday The 13th Demon Specter is being held in the Norse Hell dimension of the Underworld but how long before demons break him out?  Will we feel his wrath someday?  Who can say?  For now all is well including the college coed Autumn Parker.  Julia was able to use her psychic powers to awaken the girl, and we determined she would not suffer any dark luck as a result of her experience with the dastardly demon.  The Specter was unable to finish his dark demonic anti-luck ritual on her. Drake compelled her to forget the entire incident as he did with the rest of her sorority sisters.  He also hypnotized her along with Julia’s aid to make her forget the trauma’s of her life, and finally be happy!  Once everyone was in a deep hypnotic sleep we cleaned up the sorority house as if nothing had ever happened!  As the embers of dawn flooded across the skies we headed over to the Lumberjack Roadhouse on Forestview Lane for their legendary all you can eat flapjacks breakfast bonanza!

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Para-Con Mayan Pyramid Star Chamber

…Continued From Para-Con Mermen Melee (Part 1)

Mayan Star ChamberThe Mystic Investigations Team, along with Pepe Lopez of Yucatán Supernatural Sociedad , cautiously entered the hidden secret passage at the Temple of Kukulkan, a Mayan Pyramid at Chichen Itza.  Our flashlights barely illuminated the long gradually descending dark corridor.  However light began emanating slowly but surely in the distance as we walked into a large chamber with a water fountain in the middle, and four Jaguar statues spouting forth streams of water into it.  There was what appeared to be sunlight streaming forth from the wondrous looking warm waters.  Upon touching the water we knew there was a mystical property to it due to the way it hung on our hands, and took a bit longer to fall back into the fountain again.  Rebecca’s Demi-Mermaid senses knew it wasn’t like any natural water known on Earth.

Pepe read the Mayan script on the walls, and said this was a Mayan Star Chamber that the Mayan Gods, and Goddesses used to travel back, and forth from their celestial realms.  If this was for real then this meant that the Mayan Gods were Extraterrestrials, and that something in this mystical chamber might be a conduit to a far away planet in another star system.  Realizing the potential danger of this we decided to vacate the room, and return to the tour group.  Suddenly our Psychic Julia was bombarded with what seemed like a powerful telepathic message which she instinctively responded to. Unfortunately that turned out to be some ancient alien computer asking if she wanted the passage to the stars activated.  She inadvertently said yes since she didn’t fully understand what the voice in her head was asking in a Mayan like language.  This caused a large cylindrical stone in the middle of the fountain to lift up as a whipping whirlpool formed.  A wind whirled wildly as the entire chamber began spinning with a grinding stone sound along with the Mayan script on the walls lighting up in a golden hue.  This cast everyone into the water.

As the light coming from the water intensified into an eerie neon green color everyone was sucked in helplessly toward the swirling hole in the center of the whirlpool.  Everyone was either screaming gibberish, or colorful expletives.  Rebecca screamed,”Mystic Sphere” to activate her magical energy bubble.  It started to form but looked somewhat like pink television static before it flickered out.  We all went flushing down the whirlpool into a tunnel of bright emerald light.  We floated amid the shimmering swirling water tunnel while feeling as if we were falling into a gravity well.  Rebecca again tried to activate her Mystic Sphere to no avail.  Soon it didn’t feel like we were falling anymore but rather being sucked sideways, and then eventually upward.

The emerald light of the water soon gave way to the sunlight that originally lit the star Purple Alien Vegetationchamber. At that point we burst into the white light, and found ourselves being shot from a geyser of water into the air.  We then plummeted into a large green lake full of life.  In the middle was the water geyser we came out of along with obelisks around the shore.  The life we witnessed around us clearly wasn’t Earthly.  While gazing up at the light green skies we realized this was an extraterrestrial world.  Until this point our furthest space travel was to the Moon during the alien abduction incident in 2011.  It was odd that everything looked somewhat familiar yet at the same time it was totally unfamiliar. While we swam to the shore of the lake we brushed past weird purple cup shaped lily pads that nutty looking six legged violet-pink frogs hopped across. Glittering iridescent fish dived from the water.  There was a warm breeze with an indescribable smell of alien flowers most likely coming from the large flowing palm like trees scattered about.  Purple seemed to be the normal color of vegetation here while many of the flowers were green. Although the sun high above looked like ours it was somewhat larger in the green sky with the addition of a white star that was visible near the horizon.  Familiar fluffy white clouds moved slowly overhead as well.

We all climbed on to the shore which was lined with sand that shimmered wildly as if it was crushed diamonds.  This gave way to violet colored grasses with a futuristic glass structure in the distance.  Pepe read the script on the obelisks which he deciphered as some language similair to Mayan but barely understandable.  As I looked about in amazement I said,”We’re sure the hell not in Kansas anymore!”  Pepe replied,”From what I can decipher on the obelisks we entered a manufactured wormhole of some type.  A shortcut through space, and time to an exoplanet.  We could even be in another galaxy!” Suddenly everyone but Drake, a vampire, and Ashley, a Demi-Zombie, had trouble breathing. Ashley’s Zombie half must have sensed the atmosphere wasn’t completely breathable, and shut down her lungs so the living dead half could take over.  She examined us to no avail as Drake looked around in horror as we all coughed gasping for oxygenated air.  Rebecca, our Demi-Mermaid witch, tried to activate her Mystic Sphere but he magic was totally gone as she desperately tried to call upon her usual set of Goddesses, and Gods that were generally in the Celtic, Greek, and Roman range.  She finally jumped into the water, and was able to breath in the liquid utilizing her Mermaid half.  Clearly the air was a different composition than Earth’s atmosphere.

Drake panicked, and said,”Oh damn I can turn you all into vampires!  It’s the only thing I can think of to save you!  Do I have your permission to bring you across!”  We all contemplated the implications of becoming living dead beings as losing consciousness became imminent!

To Be Continued Part 3…

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