The Scare & Scurry North Pole Battle

Continued From The Scare & Scurry Scottish Sanctuary…The Following Events Took Place In October Of 2014…

The McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences was in ruins on the Scottish countryside as the battle between magic and an unknown technology came to a close! Everyone was seriously down for the count including the most powerful magician on Earth Ian McTavish. All stopped by either energy beams or the odd warping of space that amazingly overwhelmed all things supernatural! This included most of the Mystic Investigations team! The man in the futuristic-looking exoskeleton shot through walls and flew up to the third floor of one of the few intact building on the magic school campus. There the Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy and Telekinetic Psychic Julia Hathaway sat with the terrified Elmer and Gertrude Carpmeister. The geriatric couple that was the target of the exoskeleton of evil! Rebecca then screamed, “Mystic Sphere!” Her pink translucent metaphysical energy bubble formed around her and she brought the couple and Julia within as well. She then commanded, “sursum volant!” and the sphere crashed through the roof and flew high in the dark starry skies above! The horrifying exoskeleton followed in hot pursuit! Rebecca attempted to elude him but he was gaining fast. In a last ditch attempt to lose him she flew into outer space toward the moon where she had been in 2011 after an alien attack. Thankfully she had drunk a powerful potion just before the flight! Unfortunately, the vacuum of space didn’t deter him.  Naturally, both the Carpmeister’s were passed out from the sheer stress of everything!

Unexpectedly the exoskeleton man’s voice came into the Mystic Sphere as if by magic. He screamed, “Hey witch bitch I want my old farts back now!” Rebecca replied, “Go screw yourself, you big baby! Ever thought of getting a woman instead of spending decades harassing a married couple like a lonely jealous loser?” He roared back angrily amid intermittent laughter,” HA HA jealous? Screw you! You’re all going to die!” His exoskeleton shot red, green, and blue energy blasts causing the pink sphere to flicker. Rebecca’s nose began to bleed as she attempted to hold its magic in place while heading back into Earth’s atmosphere. She prayed forth to any and all Gods and Goddesses that would heed her call! Magic began to flow into her from all manner of nature deities from around the world who sensed something was seriously wrong and not of this Earth. However all the sudden it was cut off. Exoskeleton boy chuckled and said, “Yeah your pathetic Gods aren’t a match for me! I’m the most powerful son of a bitch who ever lived!” Julia interjected, “Wow! So much power and this is all you have to do with your life? Why not take over the whole planet? Why just harass an old couple? You are beyond bizarre and pathetic to the max!” He screamed back without thinking, “Damn time co….Ah, the hell with you bitch!” Julia took his words and linked it to his mental weakness to get one clear psychic thought from him. He was a time traveler from the extremely distant future and he had to be careful not to alert time cops of his presence here. Clearly, he was worried by what he’d already done at the magic school and how it might alert temporal authorities. The momentary chink in his armor closed and no more visions could be had!

The Battle Of North Pole City

Rebecca couldn’t believe this filthy fiend had the power to block Gods! She made the decision to head toward North Pole City to the most powerful man on Earth the Demi-Angel Santa Claus! Something Mystic Investigations didn’t originally do because we didn’t want to bring havoc to such a place of holy peace. However, no options were left now! She and Julia tried to send Santa a psychic warning message but Exo boy was blocking it! The Christmas Star was overhead as giant glimmering glacial walls came into view in the middle of a huge flat plane of never-ending snow and ice! Rebecca flew down right over the huge Christmas tree in the center of the cobblestone streets of the downtown area. Elves looked up startled as the exoskeleton roared overhead about to catch Rebecca and her passengers. Just down the hill from Claus Manor, she was shot from the skies by energy beams. Everyone hit the ground without any injury due to the Angelic protection spell over Saint Nicholas’s holy city.

The Exo-man landed and laughed loudly, “Oh yeah bitch! It’s over! Turn over my Carpy’s!” Rebecca tried to recite an incantation and shoot a force lightning-like beam at him but she was tapped out of paranormal power! Julia tried to use her telekinesis to launch him away but it simply didn’t work. He shot a green blast at the two women but it seemed to be absorbed mid-air by the North Pole protection spell. Exoskeleton boy seemed frustrated as he muttered, “Crap this in one powerful protection spell. I need more power!” Julia caught another psychic flash and learned his name. She yelled, “Why little Timmy Carpmeister you must be related to this beautiful couple? Why on Earth are you doing this to them?” He yelled back, “Mind your own business! Oh, wait it doesn’t matter because you’re about to die dumb ass!” He shot multiple beams that finally hit both women as the Carpmeisters lie in the shimmering snow still unconscious. Some Elves ran up and demanded he halt his evil intent. He snickered, “Back off you little shrimps!” He shot the Elves and they were knocked out cold!” He was overcoming the protection spell!

Suddenly the scariest echoing voice ever heard roared, “Enough of this mindless violence! How dare you invade my haven of peace!” Timmy replied, “Screw you Santa! I know all about your BS!” He shot several energy beams at Santa as he strained to block them with his hands. Santa exclaimed, “Oh sweet Jesus what in the Jack Frost is this?” Timmy began uncontrollable over the top cackling you’d expect from a mental patient while he screamed, “Die Santa! Die!” He was clearly losing it as the angelic Claus fell to the ground unable to deflect or absorb the insane amounts of energy! Jack Frost teleported in back of Timmy and attacked him but he was literally launched into outer space! At that point, the Sorcerer McTavish, professors, and several students came out of a blazing orange portal from Scotland. The final Battle Of North Pole City had begun!

Santa regained his composure and joined the fray with McTavish and his allies! Timmy shot never-ending energy fire and started up his space warping thing again. Santa attempted to counter it as Rebecca awoke and dragged the Carpmeisters and Julia to safety. Again this crazy exoskeleton was overwhelming our Earths top supernatural beings! Santa began praying to the Archangels of Heaven but his thoughts were inexplicably blocked! Santa then tried to direct the Spirit Of Christmas at Timmy’s heart to figure out what the hell his problem was. What he saw was astounding!

Timmy was Elmer and Gertrude Carpmeisters first born child! They had him out of wedlock when they were teens. Their parents forced them to give Timmy up for adoption. However, on the way to the orphanage, he was abducted by aliens who tortured and brainwashed him to adulthood! Eventually, they took him to the year 2991 with a master plan to have him infiltrate Earths government with the intent to invade and conquer. The plan failed and Timmy was arrested but he managed to escape and steal a high tech exoskeleton that could travel through time. Long before the 30th century, the world of the supernatural had been revealed to the general public. Soon magic and technology were melded into one. The suits paranormal power was beyond all magic known to the 21st century! Timmy blamed his parents for the living hell he suffered throughout his lost childhood. All he cared about was making their entire lives a living hell as well. He thought about preventing his own alien abduction but he was too full of hate and revenge. In addition, time cops and the aliens themselves would probably have reversed the effort!

A More Powerful Magical Technology Enters The Fray

The supernatural team of McTavish and Saint Nicholas were about to meet their magical makers! Timmy kept laughing maniacally and screaming, “Oh yeah I’m going to be the magnificent bastard who killed Santa Claus! Ho ho ho crappy Christmas! And you suck McTavish! You goofy piece of crap!” Everyone was becoming frozen in the space warp while being violently hit by energy beams. Santa reached out psychically and implored Timmy to accept the Christmas Spirit into his very soul. All Santa got back was a shrill scream that gave him a super headache! Santa thought to himself, “This can’t be how it ends? After centuries of building forth the serene magic of Christmas amid overcoming the forces of darkness!” All hope was lost until a flash of white light manifested a woman wearing what looked like a black and teal superhero suit complete with cape.

The woman held her hand forth and halted the Exoskeletons attacks! She declared, “Timmy Carpmeister I am Time Cop Chelle Carpmeister from the year 3242! You are under arrest for crimes against humanity and the illegal altering of the timeline!  Exit your exoskeleton and submit to extradition back to the future!” Timmy was shocked as his exoskeleton was powered down and he was unable to turn it back on. He yelled, “Hey what the hell is this crap! How did you do this?” Chelle replied, “I’m wearing a far more advanced version of your suit! Here let me help you out of yours!” She ripped opened his suit as he began crying like a baby, “This isn’t fair! Noooooooooo!”

Elmer and Gertrude awoke and witnessed the spectacle. Chelle walked over to them with Timmy in glowing gold handcuffs. She then explained to them that Timmy was the son they gave away so long ago. She told them the bizarre tale that resulted in his rise to time travel power. After what they’d already witnessed on this beyond surreal day they believed it. They started to console Timmy and apologize but he lashed out and shouted, “I don’t need your crap excuses! I was never your kid! So help me God I will still find a way to make every day a horror!” Chelle smiled and turned to Timmy while sternly saying, “Actually you’ll get the help you seriously need and end up having a happy life after serving some time in jail! Oh and by the way I’m your daughter. You sent me back to end this madness!” Timmy quickly countered, “Bull!” Chelle chuckled and turned to the Carpmeisters while saying, “It’s nice to finally meet my grandparents!” She hugged them and said the rehabilitated Timmy who sent her to the past would visit them at some point to resolve all the bad blood. Unfortunately, the timeline had been so polluted that nothing could be reversed without unraveling a whole host of other things Timmy had affected. This includes the decades of hell the Carpmeister’s endured at the hands of Timmy!

She bid her grandparents farewell and walked over to Santa and McTavish. Chelle whispered, “My grandparents could really use the Spirit Of Christmas to bring them some much-deserved peace.” Santa nodded and said, “Of Course I vow they will spend the rest of their days in my sainted city without a care in the world. Their horrifying past will fade away into oblivion as if it never happened.” The Sorcerer McTavish said, “Any chance you can leave that exoskeleton behind for us to inspect?” Chelle replied, “Unfortunately no my good sir! Good luck to both of you!” Santa then told Timmy, “I forgive you, my son! Accept the Spirit Of Christmas into your heart to begin your road to peaceful healing.” Timmy was about to say something snotty but he started to feel an odd foreign warmth in his heart. He remained silent as Chelle picked up the exoskeleton in one hand as if it was a bag of feathers and held firmly on to Timmy in the other while they vanished in a flash of bright light to the 33rd century!

Santa spoke with Elmer and Gertrude about living at North Pole City as a reward for their lifelong hardships. They heartily agreed and then they said goodbye to Rebecca and Julia. The two women conferred with Santa and McTavish about the disturbing revelation that technology would someday trump magic! McTavish then got a determined look on his face as he declared, “Now we know what shall come to pass! We can prepare for it! Am I the only one who got the impression those suits are used to suppress magical individuals in the future?” Santa replied, “I did Ian! I think my Elves and I along with your fabulous alumni can come up with a solution!” Everyone smiled and nodded as the non-North pole gang stepped into the orange glowing portal and returned to the magic school in Scotland to begin the rebuilding process. In fact, it was completed just in time for the Halloween celebrations!

Elmer and Gertrude Carpmeister now live perpetually at Santa’s winter wonderland where nobody ever dies. As long as they never leave they are immortal. Their rehabilitated son Timmy visited them from the future and all was forgiven. This included a direct blessing from Saint Nicholas complete with penance. Timmy continues to return every so often along with his daughter Chelle. Mystic Investigations sees the Carpmeisters as well every year when they visit North Pole City at Christmas. Ah yes another fine happy ending for all!


The Curious Case Of The Explosive Nuclear Time Traveler

Nuclear Spirit TravelerLittle seven-year-old Jack Emerson woke up in a cold sweat screaming in the dark shadows of his night light lit bedroom.  His angered father runs in, and snaps on the light yelling, “What the hell is your problem Jack! Go back to sleep now or else!”  He flips the light back off and slams the door.  Trembling in the dimly lit room Jack stares at his small hands as the nightmare he just had reels through his confused mind.  In his disturbing dream, he was a 44-year-old man staring out the window of his house as civil defense sirens whaled in the distance.  The holographic television broadcast warnings of an impending nuclear attack send chills down his spine.  An attack initiated by Global Prime Minister Earl Sapporo in the year 2052.  The insane world leader is shown in a news clip in a small spherical holo-window amid the warning screen ranting at a podium about humanity needing to be cleansed from the Earth in the name of the Dark Father.  His crazed eyes gave way to the echoing of his maniacal laughter as the camera pans closer to reveal a brief red glow in his eyes before the feed is cut off.  Jack gazes in horror as blinding lights flash off with nuclear mushroom clouds in the distance.  Their brightness is so powerful that it even overshadows the sunlight.  Suddenly all power cuts out due to a nuclear EMP. Jack hears an odd noise from overhead and runs outside to look up at a projectile headed down toward him.  He knows the end is near, and he realizes he will never see his wife, kids, and everyone else ever again.  A burst of all-encompassing white light gives way to the dark shadows of his childhood bedroom.  For it wasn’t a nightmare.  It was all real!

Audio Version Of This Story

A seven-year-old child entered Mystic Investigations claiming to be a 44-year-old man.  Apparently the spirit of a man in a child’s body from the year 2052 some 37 years in the future.  A case of Nuclear Temporal Self-Possession in which a subjects energy astral body is thrust back into their past physical body due to sheer monumental energy surge of a nuclear blast.  Naturally, little Jack Emerson was quite hysterical over the experience and the disbelief of his parents.  Especially his abusive father who he had made amends with in the future but who was wretched to him as a child. Jack also was worried he was changing history because his parents were looking for psychiatrists when he ran out of the house and headed here after seeing our ad on a local TV station.  First, we calmed him down with a nutritious Mountain Dew Baja Blast which he gulped down gladly as he commented on how there were no sweets allowed by the global government in the future.  We talked with him at great length, and he clearly was intellectually an adult.  Our Psychic Julia Hathaway sensed he was telling the truth, and she sensed that he had two distinct yet similar consciousnesses in his mind.  An adult consciousness that seemed out of place, and one sub-conscious child persona that would influence his emotions.  Rebecca Abernathy, our Demi-Mermaid witch, cast some spells to confirm the adult consciousness was linked to an astral energy body out of phase with our time frame, and the physical body it inhabited.

Jack told us the hellish tale of a world gone mad under a dystopian global government.  A world full of pandemics, chemical attacks, small nuclear terror attacks, and police-nanny state nightmares along with the mentally ill, and sadists given power.  There was also perpetual urban violence spilling into rural areas due to police abandoning, or being paid off by criminal gangs who ruled their territories as warlords.  Warlords given free reigns of terror by the greater global government.  All this hell on Earth was presided over by the world governments first Prime Minister Earl Sapporo.  A handsome charismatic figure who got elected on a platform of peace, prosperity, human rights, enlightenment, and freedom. Like so many politicians he did the opposite once elected into power. The nations of Earth were already in sorry shape but mere years into Sapporo’s term things turned into the stuff that night terrors are made of!

Jack said he still lived in Woodland Springs in 2052, and said Mystic Investigations had been the premier paranormal firm on Earth until the government raided us. Julia, Rebecca, and even our vampire Drake Alexander received premonitions mere minutes beforehand.  It seems government Psychic Warriors were able to block their presence until they were close.  Apparently, we valiantly faced a black ops commando squad of supernaturally powered beings before making our escape in what appeared to be a spacecraft of some type.  Mystic Investigations were painted as terrorists by the government but most of the populace refused to believe it even if they pretended to do so for the sake of tricking the mandated re-education camps. Despite the entire global media being government propaganda the average person knew it was a false narrative! Rumors indicated we had established an undersea base in the Pacific where we were instrumental in an underground rebellion against what was thought to be a demonic regime under the rule of the Anti-Christ, aka Earl Sapporo.  Julia, Rebecca, and Drake gleamed this information by looking psychically joining together to peer deep into Jack’s mind which included tapping into his astral spirit to see more details about the shocking future.

Jack said he had been watching a government required program on State-run holographic television about the silver lining of so many deaths worldwide.  The government said the only way to save the Earth, and bring peace to the world was to reduce the population to 500 Million.  I guess the public propaganda was that too many people are to blame for the hellish state of Earth.  An overpopulation mantra practiced by the plutocratic elites even in our present day.  In Jack’s 2052 the population was down to 3 billion via various extermination practices.  Some rather obvious mass disappearances for seemingly no reason while others seemed to have a logical explanation.  The pandemic that took out a billion people seemed legit while other thought the government engineered it.  Certainly, if anyone had any doubt about the global government’s intentions it was shattered with Prime Minister Earl Sapporo’s final words,”Ah yes silly little ape people your time is up. I just launched all 11,381 nukes.  May the dark father, his loyal demonic children, and the cockroaches inherit the Earth!”  The paranormal echoing maniacal laughter and crimson eye shimmering left no doubt he was the Anti-Christ.

We all digested Jack’s horrific future knowing that time is constantly flowing not only forward but parallel five dimensionally into other realities.  In all likelihood, his future wouldn’t be ours.  Especially since time travel itself almost always sends a person to an alternate Universe.  There was certainly hope to change things with this knowledge in hand.  We now had the name of the Anti-Christ, and wouldn’t have to guess at which leader was the real evil deal. Jack was obviously at ground zero of a nuclear blast that sent his spirit into his childhood body as a warning beacon of future destruction!

We discussed a number of options that couldn’t include sending him home because he had no future physical body left to go back into.  It was instantly disintegrated by the burning hot nuclear blast. There was a suggestion to send him to a previous point before the nuclear blast but the world he described was a living hell, and it would be too cruel to send him there to an inevitable death sentence.  He was in tears over the loss of his family who had been taken away years earlier to a re-education camp.  He had been taken to a separate camp and had recently been sent home after convincing officials he believed the propaganda.  The government refused to tell him the status of his wife, and two children.  He contemplated going back to save them but there was simply nowhere to run and hide on a planet dominated by a monstrous tyranny.  At least he knew his wife was alive, and well here in Woodland Springs where she was currently a three-year-old girl.  He had gone to see her but she was just a girl rather than a nuclear spirit like himself.  His wife most likely wasn’t near ground zero of a nuclear blast.  We told him should a similar future happen we would save his wife, and children bringing them to our undersea stronghold.

We suggested he could have a fresh start, and meet his wife all over again but what was the point with such a miserable ending on a planet of hell?  We vowed to Jack that we would do everything in our power to prevent his life from descending into hopeless hell.  We counseled him to only speak of the future to us, and tell his parents he made it all up so they’d lay off the psychiatric care threats. We informed him within years his future spirit would probably meld with his present thereby making him a child again.  Although a somewhat wiser, and more mature version. Jack also stated he didn’t want to live through the drunken abuse of his father again.  We told him it would be taken care of, and sent him home with our vampire Drake Alexander after dusk.  Drake tried to smooth things over as Jack’s Mom hugged Jack with happy relief that he was found. Jack’s father, however, was steaming mad and yelling he was going to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget.  Drake tried to calm him down but the Father physically shoved his chest and told him to get the hell out.  Drake motioned for Jack to lead his mother into the other room. Once gone Drake’s eyes glowed neon amber as he picked up Jack’s Dad by the neck practically raising him to the ceiling while saying,”Your days of child abuse are over pal! Otherwise you, and I will have a big problem!”  Drake then lowered the choking man at eye level and used his vampire hypnosis to command him to never raise his hand against his child ever again.  He released his neck grip, and Jack’s father smiled.  He said,”Thank you, Mr. Alexander, for bringing my blessed son home!”  Drake replied with a grin,”You’re welcome! Let me know if Jack ever needs anything.  All of us at Mystic Investigations are here to help.”

Jack appearing in this time, and finding us is quite a coincidence considering the birth of the Anti-Christ took place recently under the March 20, 2015 Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse.  Of course in the supernatural world, we consider nothing to be a coincidence.  Was someone sending us a message?  Was fate giving us the gift of a future warning? Only time will tell as we await the first news reports of the Anti-Christ Earl Sapporo making his rise to predestined paranormal power.  Hopefully, we will find this demonic destroyer of humankind long before he gets a toehold in government!

Video Version Of This Story

Drake Alexander’s 2017 Premonition

The Offices Of Mystic InvestigationsI’m Drake Alexander Mystic Investigations Executive Vice-President. As a boy born, and raised in 13th century Scotland I always thought how lucky it would be to at least live until age 50. I certainly never imagined I’d see the year 2015! I never really thought this far ahead even when I was brought into the eternal enchanted darkness by Enheduanna, aka Duanna Sargon, my vampire mother. I think I envisioned a few centuries ahead initially after becoming a member of the living dead. By the 16th century I did start to think several centuries into the future well into the 21st century. The older I got the more enhanced my powers became.  Among these were occasional psychic visions related to my own life unlike Julia Hathaway’s wide ranging visions. In the late 1800’s I actually had a dream vision of working in my office at Mystic Investigations. It was my first vision of Mystic Investigations, and my furthest vision into the future at the time.

I was sitting at my desk, and the calendar said Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Naturally I was puzzled about a great many things I witnessed including my computer. At the time I thought it was perhaps a mix of a vision, and an odd dream. I was typing away on my keyboard amid sipping a mug of blood when suddenly I heard screams amid gunfire. I ran out of my office, and look down into the lobby from the upstairs balcony. A huge muscular man wearing a black leather trench coat was firing a machine gun declaring that Zack Powers, our bionic boy wonder, must be terminated! Hunter Jackson, our Ex Navy Seal, came out of a secret passage way with his own machine gun, and fired down on the bastard but the bullets just bounced off. I leaped from the balcony, and landed on the attackers back. I bit into his neck but I got nothing but a clear vile tasting fluid of unknown origin. I also ended up breaking a fang on his hard exterior that was not biological in nature. He batted me off him with such force that I crash through the front glass doors into the sunlight. I was blinded by the light as I felt my body burning in the holy sun.

The vision would rotate from me observing like a movie to me being in my own body with all the sensations as if I was there. As I burned it switched to movie, and I saw Rebecca Abernathy, our Demi-Mermaid White Witch, hit the shooter with a blast of lightening energy coming from her hands. It knocked him over but he leaped up at lightning speed, and threw her through a wall. Hunter then took out a rocket launcher while screaming,”Fire in the hole bitches!” He launched it right at the behemoths head blasting it clean off. It was rather obvious at that point it was a mechanical man, or what I now know as an Android. I was crawling to the door lit ablaze with violet colored unholy fire as Rebecca emerged from the wall rubble, and doused me with aquarium water directed to me via her hydrokinetic powers. She pulled me in, and I began rapidly healing.  That’s where the vision ended for me.

I guess the rest of the team wasn’t there that day because it was just us three, and the non-executive office staff who ran for cover under their desks. Presumably Zack wasn’t there because he would have been in school on a Tuesday. I shared this vision with the team the minute we met Zack for the first time years ago so he probably won’t be there that day to begin with. Since I was lucky enough to see the date we’re probably just going to set a trap, and then theoretically my vision will never happen.  It would in essence be a glimpse into a parallel reality we never experienced.

Ultimately though there has to be some reason why I had the vision in the first place.  After all there are countless dangers I never saw coming in my 700 plus years on this Earth.  Perhaps this one is far more dangerous than it appears since it’s just a small portion of that day.  I choose to share this with everyone now because I had the same vision while I slept this morning.  I can’t remember the last time I had a double vision!