Why I Travel Through Time?

Yes there’s the excitement and adventure of time travel itself.  The curiosity and discovery of the past and future not known or supposedly known in the historical texts.  The observation of known historical events first hand.  The interesting nature of changing events which causes me to five dimensionally move into a new parallel reality.  As an explorer I’m charting the vast 4-D temporal seas and also the 5-D probabilityScape.  My time machine isn’t perfect so I need to travel somewhere first in order to have it’s exact temporal or 5-D location plotted for future use.  For instance I can generalize that I might end up in the 1960’s but I can’t pin point an exact year.  Sometimes I just switch my temporal traveling device on and let it randomly end up somewhere.  Sometimes the thing has a mind of it’s own and sends me hurling through time fulfilling scenarios predestined to take place by the will of the Universe or God.

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  1. gryphonsbard says:

    Would you recommend others to time travel?

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