Valentines Day Warning!

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Celebrating Valentines Day Prematurely On Friday The 13th May Have A Negative Impact On Your Love Life!
Dark Luck HeartIf you prematurely celebrated Valentines Day on Friday The 13th you will most likely experience bad luck in your relationships until Valentines Day 2016!  Not to mention the fact that today will not be a very pleasant Valentines for you! It seems those in the habit of sending their sweethearts flowers, and gifts to their place of work on Valentines Day still felt the need to do so despite Valentines falling on a Saturday.  In a number of cases this was done by the sender so the receiver of the loving gesture could feel special pride, show off to their workmates, and perhaps make others a bit jealous.  Clearly the normal reason for sending Valentines flowers to work would be the fact that the person wouldn’t be home to receive them during a work day.  However why couldn’t the flowers be bought, and then delivered when they see their girlfriend, or boyfriend later on?  Clearly ignoring the fact that Valentines fell on Saturday, and still having them delivered to the office suggests a game being played at the expense of others that results in negative energy.  Normally there wouldn’t be much of an issue but when such things are done on Friday The 13th you acquire magnified dark luck!

Now if there was truly some other explanation of why flowers, and other gifts needed to be delivered on Friday instead of Saturday then you will only suffer mild bad luck until the next Friday The 13th which is thankfully mere weeks away on March 13th.  And that will only occur because undoubtedly whether you know it or not you made someone at your workplace jealous! Just remember that the spirit of dark luck can see past the lies, and know the true intent! If your premature celebration was not at the expense of others then only this Valentines Day will be tainted with murky luck courtesy of Friday The 13th.

On an even more disturbing note if you by chance sent yourself flowers, and gifts on Friday The 13th then you will unfortunately see 13 years of dark luck in your relationships! Yes you read that right 13 years!  We pity you in your dark plight, and also apologize for not issuing a warning in advance. Unfortunately there’s not many Friday The 13th Valentines Day occurrences so it wasn’t something anyone had thought of!  It’s incompetency on our part, and it won’t happen again!  However those of you with negative intent should have known better!  Especially those of you who send flowers to yourself at work! Now that you know this you will be aware of the future dangers of Friday The 13th Valentines dark luck!  On a final note you can send your Valentines gifts on other days with very little paranormal impact but it can’t be on days like Friday The 13th!

We were only reminded of this because a few women at Mystic Investigations had flowers delivered on Friday The 13th.  It send immediate alarm bells forth in some of us, and our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy quickly informed us that this was really bad. Thankfully these women have powerful allies in us, and we are working to lessen the dark luck in their lives.  Saint Patrick’s Day can’t get here quick enough for them! Happy Valentines Day for all of you who wisely choose to celebrate a holiday on the actual day of the holiday!

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