June Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning

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Werewolf Meets Fairy Under Strawberry Moon!

The Moon of this particular paranormal June is known as The Strawberry Moon. In cooperation with various lunar deities, this magical Moon is under the control of the Native American Goddess Athenesic (aka Awehai). Her people observed the short season of the strawberry harvest as a special time while Summer took shape. They partook in various mystical rituals due to the strawberry being a sweet reward from Mother Nature. When the Werewolf menace arrived with European settlers the indigenous people looked toward their Harvest Goddess to protect them during the full Moon of June. During the Strawberry Moon, you may call upon Awehai for protection. This includes the nature deities who fall under her benevolent rule. Fairies are usually the most likely to answer a call for help.🐺

Traits Of The Strawberry Moon Werewolf

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Werewolves of the Strawberry Moon are just as ferocious and deadly as any other Moon. However, in zones where the Moon appears pink or red, there is a high level of Nature Deity activity that will in turn cause werewolves to be more docile than usual. If their eyes glow pink it indicates they are under the spell of a Goddess, Nymph, or a flurry of Fairies. We wouldn’t recommend approaching the blasphemous beast but you can walk past casually without worry. All Werewolf Repellents will work to their fullest along with anything Strawberry-related. Strawberry Scents[Ad] in particular will repel or calm Werewolves down under this Moon. Blessed holy strawberry water or juice sprayed upon a Werewolf will cause it to flee far away howling in pain. If all else fails you may call upon a Strawberry Fairy for assistance. They will either cause a distraction so you may escape or put the wayward wolf under its spell. That is less likely due to the demonic roots of werewolves along with the sheer power it takes. Generally, this requires many fairies or higher deities to do this.🍓

How To Summon A Strawberry Fairy

Strawberry Plant

With sincere intention recite the following summoning spell. If possible have some manner of strawberry-related object on your person…

Fair Fairy of the Strawberry,🍓
I respectfully call unto thee,
A hairy horror is upon me,
The beast is causing me strife,
I implore you to save my life,
Fair Fairy of the Strawberry!🧚

Once you escape danger, the Fairy may visit you later on. At that time thank them with a promise to plant some Strawberries.🌱

📝 Note: There is minor evidence that consuming large quantities of strawberries may repel Vampires during the nights of the Full Strawberry Moon.🧛

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