🔵 Blue Supermoon Werewolf Warning

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The Full Moon of August 30th, 2023 is the second instance of complete lunar light within this month. This makes it a Blue Moon. It’s also a Supermoon as the Moon is closer to Earth than usual. Thus we are under a Blue Supermoon Warning as it pertains to our paranormal planet. Most paramount being the Werewolf menace. The Supermoon creates a far deeper aggression within Werewolves that compels them to blatantly go after human prey with a vexing vengeance! Generally, there’s a tendency to avoid anything other than lone humans wandering about the dark shadows. In this case, they could very well charge into crowds devouring everyone and anything that moves! Within the Supermoon’s enchanted energies werewolves will have at least double the strength, speed, and agility! On top of that, this is the most powerful Supermoon of 2023!🐺

Unfortunately, the Blue Moon creates a metaphysical energy loop with the first Moon of the month thus creating a double potency upon the werewolf’s demonic DNA. Mixed with the supernatural surge of the Supermoon we could get quadruple the trouble from these monstrous menaces! Plausibly the power and rage of the average Werewolf will be akin to a Blood Moon or perhaps even greater! This will be even more so in areas where the Moon actually appears blue in color. This indicates places where lunar energies are being focused by various paranormal phenomena and those wielding magic. If you observe a werewolf with blue glowing eyes we seriously suggest making peace with your maker and finding solace in the fact that your death will be swift and somewhat painless! The supernatural speed at which you’ll be eaten alive will happen within the blink of an eye courtesy of the razor-sharp jaws of the Blue Supermoon Werewolf!

Werewolf Repellents will be exponentially reduced in effectiveness! There is some anecdotal evidence that wearing blue clothing may cause some werewolves to avoid you but we wouldn’t count on it. Utilizing blue lights[Ad] around your home or in flashlight form[Ad] may distract or repel a werewolf long enough for you to escape. Blue flowers such as the Cornflower have been known to somewhat discourage werewolves from treading upon certain areas under a Blue Moon. Under this sinister supermoon, we suggest simply staying home from dusk to dawn. In fact, this lunar cycle is so off the charts that werewolves may still be active through the sunlit early morning hours! They may very well transform and roam about even before the sun sets. Except the threat to continue until the Blue Supermoon is below 80% of Full. We are recommending that Werewolf Hunters and other paranormal professionals only attempt to go out into the field with no less than three other highly skilled supernatural slayers!🔵

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