Blood Moon Eclipse Warning

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Blood Moon EclipseThe blasphemous Blood Moon of the Halloween season is upon us with a penumbral lunar eclipse twist.  The Blood Moon is a general magnifier of malevolent powers among all manner of supernatural beings.  Although the dark denizens draw upon it more.  Expect an increase in chaos, and supernatural savagery during these Blood Moon nights leading into the nefarious 13 Nights Of Halloween.  However it will be a bit better than most years due to the partial penumbral eclipse which will only cast the Earths shadow upon the Moon tonight, and Saturday night as well.  This will cause the Moon to darken somewhat while simultaneously dampening some of the mystical lunar energies that reach Earth.  Be particularly perceptive of Werewolves who will stop at nothing to devour you whole! Vampires you may have once swoon over will now be almost as rabid as Werewolves due to the bitter Blood Moon Fever.  Although they won’t eat you, and will only drain you of blood.  In areas where the Moon actually appears blood red in color expect major metaphysical malfeasance of the vicious variety.  We advice people in such Sanguine Moon Zones to stay indoors with holy artifacts, and silver implements at the ready!  Such areas of paranormal aggression will run rampant with the blood of innocents courtesy of Werewolves, Vampires, Dark Witches, and Warlocks along with knee gnawing Gnomes.  Stay safe as we enter the final nights leading up to Halloween so you may enjoy the fun of trick o treating, and all the seasonal celebrations that aid in marshaling the forces of good against the evils that lurk in the shadows looking to unleash Hell on Earth!

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