Blue Moon Warning

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Blue MoonWe are issuing a Blue Moon warning for the entire planet.  This particular Blue Moon is seasonal in nature rather than being a second full Moon in a month.  This summer brings us four full Moons rather than the usual three.  The third full Moon of four is considered the Blue Moon.  It won’t appear blue in most places but if it does then expect paranormal activity to increase in those areas at least two fold.  Most likely there are magical forces at work if the moon is blue in color.  Although in a small number of cases it could be atmospheric conditions.  In some cases the Moon will actually appear red in color due to supernatural conditions although meteorologists will say it’s the atmospheric conditions of this time of year.  This known as the Blue Blood Moon.  If you spot a red Moon this means that first generation vampire royalty are in your general vicinity so exercise extreme caution.  Blue Moon’s are their favorite time to choose humans worthy to bring across into their dark eternal ways since vampires psychic powers are deeply enhanced by the blue Moon.  These abilities help them better judge who are the best candidates to add to their royal undead armies in preparation for Armageddon.  In addition these hellish first generation vampires will relish in taking down human prey they know are not worthy.

Only the first generation vampires will be active in areas where the Moon actually appears blue because to all others basking in the blue rays will cause them to temporarily revert to Blue Moon Werewolveshuman form.  Expect an increase in vampire slayers within these blue zones as they will eagerly go after the vulnerable vampires along with the royal vampires who normally keep a low profile, and rarely travel.

As with all Full Moon’s there is also a Werewolf warning.  If this was the second Full Moon in a month then there would be great danger as Werewolves hulk out to twice or thrice their normal size, and are deeply aggressive.  This would be true for all areas whether the Moon looked blue or not.  However the seasonal blue Moon has no greater effect on Werewolves unless the Moon appear blue in color.  If so then expect some more monstrous than usual Werewolves on the prowl for human flesh, and blood.  Farmers lock up your livestock because it will be getting rather nuts out there!  On a positive note areas with the red blue blood Moon will see very little Lycanthrope activity since they actively avoid first generation vampires with a passion on a sub-conscious instinctual level.

Blue Moon MermaidsOn another positive note we can expect some gentle beings of peace to appear during the blue Moon.  Mermaid activity on coastal beaches will increase greatly in zones where the lunar rays are blue in hue.  Legends state that a Mermaid in human form basking in the blue Moon can became a special super human Mermaid that is free of the oceans hold on them.  They can live as a human on land with superhuman powers for eternity while being able to transform into a mermaid at will if they so choose.  The Blue Moon also intensifies the powers of all paranormal sea life.  If you were planning on catching a Mermaid this isn’t the night to do it!

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