Non-Corporeal Entities Of Evil Warning

The unseen energies of the current active solar cycle have yielded high levels of X-Rays, and Geomagnetic Storms in the atmosphere which in turn are powering up various non-corporeal entities.  These entities might range from benign ghosts to violent poltergeists.  In rare cases you may see demons, and other beings of the fifth dimension, and … Read more

Blue Moon Werewolf Warning

Tonight will bring us the rare Blue Moon which is an extra full Moon in any given month or season.  In some areas the Blue Moon might actually appear blue in color due to atmospheric conditions, forces of supernatural nature, or magical interference.  This rare Moon brings us a general increase in paranormal activity across the board … Read more

Friday The 13 Demon Specter & Poltergeist Warning!

Friday the 13th is tomorrow, and the day itself isn’t necessarily bad luck.  However the heightened fears, and anxiety let loose into the collective human consciousness due to paraskevidekatriaphobia attracts causes increased paranormal activity.  Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Demons in particular.  Be on alert for increased violent Poltergeists activity in places people have died, or even … Read more

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