All Souls Day Of The Dead Alert

All Souls Day, or Day Of The Dead, is the companion day for All Saints Day.  All Souls Day commemorates the fallen dead who have yet to ascend to Angelhood in the heavens residing in higher dimensions of reality.  These dead humans mainly include those in ghost form lost in the dream plane between our reality, and the heavenly dimensions.  They cry out for help on this day so be aware that you may feel the presence of a loved one who passed on but is lost between life and death.  Hopefully they can be guided to Heaven or some how resurrected through various magics.

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For some this day means sorrow for those who have fallen prey to vampires, and zombies.  Now they walk among us prowling about in the darkness of unwilling evil.  Be alert for any relatives who may in fact be members of the living dead without your knowledge.  They will seek you out on this day of the dead.

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