Pumpkin Demon Warning

Be on the look out for a pumpkin demon.  Yes we actually said a pumpkin demon.  It seems a demon was able to cross over from the 5th dimension with the help of some nefarious warlocks.  For whatever reason they held some demonic ritual in a pumpkin patch, and the demon possessed a pumpkin.  He … Read more

13 Nights Of Halloween Alert!

The 13 horror filled nights of Halloween are now upon us.  For reasons not fully understood, the twelve nights preceding Halloween, and including Halloween itself for number thirteen, are the most hellish nights of evil seen all year long.  However we do know that various nefarious forces of evil utilize ancient magics to marshal legions of … Read more

Halloween Blood Moon Madness Warning

As previously reported in the last two alerts, werewolves, and vampires are getting deeply aggressive, and are on the prowl for your blood, flesh, and even your very soul.  The Halloween blood moon is not only effecting them but a wide variety of paranormal creatures.  Frankly folks it’s getting crazy out there.  As long as … Read more

Blood Moon Vampire Watch

As the Halloween Blood Moon reaches 99% of full, vampires around the world are experiencing the annual blood moon fever which increases their blood lust exponentially until the moon goes back below 99% of full.  During these few days exercise extreme caution when going anywhere at night.  The normally reserved and cautious vampires will throw … Read more

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