Halloween Horrors Trick O Treating Warning

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We recommend exercising great caution as your kids venture out into the cold cloak of foreboding darkness dimly lit by fiery Jack-O-Lanterns.  Direct supervision or being in large groups is best to insure that no dark magical forces or supernatural beings interfere in the important mission that the children of the world partake of each year by trick-o-treating on Halloween night.  Although they they may see dressing up as spooky specters, and collecting terrific treats as  simple fun, we in the paranormal community known it servers the essential purpose of reigning in the forces of supernatural evil on the most nefarious night of the year.  A night when these unholy forces marshal in an effort to bring the horrors of hell upon our beloved Earth.  A fateful night so many thousands of years ago when a coven a powerful white witches met at Stonehenge, and cast the most powerful global spell of all time to channel the magical innocence of children as a protection against these evils to insure minimal harm on humankind and halting the take over of our planet by the paranormal.  The power of this spell grew ever stronger as more witches supported this massive protection spell, and still cast it on Halloween this very day all around the Earth.  The super shield of good against sinister sorcery, and malicious metaphysical mayhem.

Still there is much destructive danger lurking among the shadows of Halloween decor, and candle lit Jack-O-Lanterns.  This gives you some clue of how hellish the Earth would be without the mystical spellbinding power of trick-o-treating.  Halloween night is the most concentrated time of paranormal activity among physical, and spiritual supernatural beings.  Far too many to list here although Werewolves are of some concern since it’s the only night of the year they can exist without a full moon.  In addition there is even more paranormal activity due to the increased solar X-ray activity, and geomagnetic storms afoot high up in the atmosphere fueling metaphysical mayhem.   This unholy night is a time for practitioners of dark magic to wield their wicked powers for the forces of malevolence.  Normally we’d say lock yourselves indoors, and take the necessary measures to protect yourself until the holy rays of dawn scattered forth.  However on Halloween you must be brave, and do your part to fight the forces of evil.  Halloween is the one time of year that everyone has a place in the holy battle against the undead.  A time when everyone stands side by side with paranormal professionals to protect our planet.

Simply decorating your house to the fullest, and having the spirit of Halloween in your heart creates a protection spell upon your home, and family.  The act of your kids roaming from home to home to collect treats, and sometimes play tricks marshals forth the global protection spell against evil.  Your kids are protected by this spell of light for the most part.  However adults should still take some precautions such as carrying holy water, and a mini Bible, wearing crosses and various other religious artifacts along with anything made of silver.  We also implore you to avoid real haunted houses, and any place the dead exists on Halloween night such as cemeteries, and morgues.  We wish you safe passage through the nefarious all hallowed night into Hallowmas aka All Saints Day on November 1st.  Happy Halloween from your supernatural warriors on the front lines here at Mystic Investigations!

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