Tetrad Blood Moon Easter Warning

The Easter Bunny Has Been Reported Missing! The third of four Tetrad Blood Moon Eclipses is about to take place as Good Friday rolls into Passover.  Certainly these unprecedented series of Blood Moons are not only bad omens of dark forces emerging for the final war to end all wars but also a chaotic danger … Read more

Easter Werehare Watch

The Easter Werehare, aka the Easter Bunny, has begun making his global rounds of Spring merriment.  Children around the world will find artificial hollow colorful eggs made of various materials with gifts of candy inside left by the Bunny, or parents infused with the Spirit Of Easter.  Unlike Santa Claus the Easter Bunny can get … Read more

Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Alert

With Easter two days away and Good Friday upon us you should start seeing Easter eggs strewn about the brush in a kaleidoscopic array of dazzling colors.  Although it is frowned upon by the Easter Bunny for you to begin collecting them before Midnight on Easter.  It’s also been known to bring bad luck to … Read more

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