Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Alert

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With Easter two days away and Good Friday upon us you should start seeing Easter eggs strewn about the brush in a kaleidoscopic array of dazzling colors.  Although it is frowned upon by the Easter Bunny for you to begin collecting them before Midnight on Easter.  It’s also been known to bring bad luck to those without the will power to wait.  The bad luck is tripled if you open the eggs up before then as well.  Within you may find chocolates, candies, small gifts, and a rare few receive magical gifts.  Sometimes the Easter Bunny leaves them purposely utilizing Santa Clauses “Naughty Or Nice List” but most of the eggs are left randomly but guided by the power of good luck.  This is a process Leprechauns have a hand in as their St.Patrick’s Day handy works are not yet completed.  In addition a rare few will receive prank eggs or even smelly rotten eggs.  This is the work of the April Fool.  On April Fools Day he pays a visit to the Easter Bunny and taints a few eggs.  There’s also the fact that those who are not good will turn a egg rotten upon touching it.  If a kid opens a rotten smelly egg then odds are he will grow up to be a serial killer.  If an adult opens one then he probably is a serial killer and you should immediately cut ties with this person ASAP!  Happy Easter To All!

See our previous Easter Alert for more information on the Easter Bunny and his eggstatic exploits!

On a somewhat related note there were no Werewolf Warnings for this past full moon period due to the power of Easter nullifying the lunar forces that set off Werewolf transformation.

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