All Souls Day Of The Dead Report

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All Souls Day Of The Dead November 2nd saw a great deal of ghostly activity as non-demonic non-corporeal entities soaked up the titanic Angelic energies left over from All Saints Day November 1st. Luckily most demonic based activity was repelled. All Souls Day is one of the most prolific days for ghosts to materialize in various forms along with people communicating with them by various means including Ouija Boards. Some ghosts were able to materialize in powerful solid lights forms, aka photons forming densely packed molecular matter. Others inhabited their corpses coming back to life as sapient zombies. Those who were cremated with their ashes still in one place reformed amid a blinding whirlwind to self-create gray ashen beings that somewhat resemble a human. Standard mindless zombies formed when weaker ghosts attempted to enter their bodies, professional practitioners of magic intervened, and even misguided family members dabbling in magics they had no comprehension of. A select few managed a complete self-resurrection, and are now permanently immortal humans.  Naturally all the above cases happened in relatively small quantities in comparison to the entire global populace. Thankfully the majority of any dangerous activity ceased at Midnight on November 3rd as the last of the Angelic powers faded away.

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