Sassy’s Autumn Cafe

Hidden within the heart of one half of the Enchanted Woodland containing a perpetual Autumn state exists the quaint yet exclusive Autumn Cafe. A restaurant that caters to the paranormal community, and includes unique menu selections for supernatural beings along with familiar food everyone would love. The Autumn Cafe is owned and operated by Sassy Sassafras, a culinary wizard who trained not only in magic but also in the artistry of fine dining under the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay. Sassy revealed the world of the supernatural to Ramsay, and he sometimes secretly incorporates magic into his food. He also thanks Sassy for informing him about the hidden paranormal world because it saved his life one lone full Moon night after leaving a restaurant set on “Kitchen Nightmares” He was surprised by a rabid Werewolf who leaped from some bushes right at him. Thankfully he had a vile of holy water, and Wolfsbane handy. He burst the bottle upon the beast causing it to howl in agony as unholy vapors rose forth. Gordon then kicked the Werewolf in the head for good measure and bolted into the cold dark night making his escape. If not for Sassy Chef Ramsay would now be the Werewolf Ramsay. Certainly, this would hamper his lifestyle, and business on nights when the Moon is 80% of full or greater which activates Lycanthrope transformation.


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