Cyber Monday Warning

Cyber Monday MeltdownSo you skipped the Black Friday shopping frenzy to avoid the dangers of being injured by hoards of human shoppers, zombies, vampires, and the Demon God Of Greed Mammon.   Along with potential demon possession for those weak minded individuals with the mental condition of greed, a lust for material items, and malevolence in their hearts that makes them want to hurt others who get in the way of their shopping deals.  It seems sitting in the safety of your home, and shopping the dynamic deals of Cyber Monday on the internet is the way to go.  Sure it’s a lot safer but there are still risks as you furiously type away, and whip out your credit card.

These include the aforementioned demon possession for those whose mind is overwhelmed by material lust.  There are indeed Cyber Demons within cyber space.  Those who can’t quite make it into our reality completely, and end up as paranormal binary data forms on the internet.  The Demon God Mammon has also been known to possess an internet server so he can make his way to potential victims IP Addresses.  These Demons don’t keep it old school, and they keep up with the in things to perpetuate their dark diabolical craft to the fullest!  Mammon, and some of the more powerful Cyber Demons get very angry if they can’t possess you.  Possession failure happens more over the internet than directly in physical reality because demons are more weakened in a digital form.  However a burst of demonic rage over their internet inadequacy could equal at the least a bad software virus or at the most a major hardware meltdown as seen in the photo at the top of this page.

In the case of Mammon he will possess you, and then walk your body to his nefarious lair.  16%-32% OFF For The Coolest Christmas Gifts!Then once he has all his victims in one location, the day after Cyber Monday, he will enter into a voracious feeding frenzy to fuel his immortal demonic powers for months to come.  This is why the paranormal community calls it Terror Tuesday.  So far nobody has been able to locate his lair in time.  By the time supernatural investigators find the location, usually an abandoned warehouse, or cave, it’s too late.  He’s already moved on to a new location to set up his deadly shop of horrors.

Wifi connections are a demonic danger as well since the high frequency electromagnetic waves act as a conduit for higher dimensional cyber entities to enter your sub-conscious which is where possession of your mind begins.  The risk of demonic possession is particularly high while sleeping as your sub-conscious manages your greedy material possessed thoughts of the day.  Be sure to sleep far away from the wifi, or turn it off.

If you want to avoid the risks that range from computer issues to being eaten alive then be cautious on Cyber Monday.  Just think happy thoughts, and realize there’s plenty of trinkets for everyone on the internet.  You’ll get your deal but even if you don’t it’s no big deal.  Don’t obsesses over material items, and keep a cool head along with a calm heart. If you see your computer starting to wig out then immediately shut it down, and leave the room because it could be a demon entering your domain.  Blessing the computer with holy water, or merely cleaning the screen off with it can help.  Using a Bible as a mouse pad is another decent measure of security as you surf the perilous virtual waves of Cyber Monday.

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