13 Nights Of Halloween Alert!

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The 13 horror filled nights of Halloween are now upon us.  For reasons not fully understood, the twelve nights preceding Halloween, and including Halloween itself for number thirteen, are the most hellish nights of evil seen all year long.  However we do know that various nefarious forces of evil utilize ancient magics to marshal legions of supernatural darkness over these 13 nights.  Each year their hope is to overwhelm the forces of good, and delve the Earth into a kingdom of eternal darkness ruled over by diabolical demonic entities.

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Legend has it that powerful ancient forces of malevolence marshaled their powers to allow one day of the year in which they could be let loose upon the world. A time when the dream plane between life and death is weakened so demons, spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, and other horrible higher dimensional creatures can have easier access to this world. The wearing of Halloween costumes by humans was a way to ward off these creatures and allow them to blend into the horrific night. “Treats” were paid as tribute to these powerful forces in the hopes of expelling them from their homes. If they did not give a treat then a “trick” might be played upon them although in ancients times it was far more dangerous than a simple toilet papering of the front lawn or egging of the front door. Finally one night the forces of good had enough of the innocent masses living in fear. The powers of light rallied behind a bold coven of powerful white witches who gathered at Stonehenge. There under the light of a full moon they conjured up the most widespread global spell of all time. It channeled the magical pure innocence of children as a righteous weapon against the evil of Halloween.  So the original, and mostly ineffective purpose of trick o treating passed away. Now the mere act of children all over the world happily going door to door for treats helps neutralize the evil that manifests on Halloween. Still there are many abominations and atrocities that take place over the 13 nights of Halloween. You can imagine how exponentially hellish it would be without the magic of the tiny trick o treaters.

So what can you expect over these nights?  Everything and anything that wreaks of evil!  Be alert for every paranormal being you can imagine, and then some.  Vampires, werewolves, zombies, Frankensteins, ghosts, poltergeists, chupacabra, Clurichauns, gnomes, gremlins, goblins, ghouls, demi-demons, evil elves, yeti, demonic bases extraterrestrials, demons (both corporeal & non-corporeal), and a plethora of monstrous mayhem too plentiful to list here.  In addition be aware that this is prime time for wicked witches, wizards, and warlocks looking to take their place in the hierarchy of evil.  Sinister sorcerers are of a particular danger due to their awesome dark powers that access the pure energy and thought of our very reality.

For some it might be wise to barricade yourselves indoors, and pray for Halloween to pass.  Luckily we have the forces of light actively on the defensive against the dark destructive denizens of demonic derivation.  We simply suggest joining the collective consciousness of human goodness rallying around the innocence of childhood that utilizes the pure thought of our reality to repel the Halloween evil.  That means decorating your home, and yards in the Spirit Of Halloween to the best of your ability.  Naturally this can include the usual repellents of evil including silver, holy crosses, and other religious artifacts, and symbols to add a power punch to your personal paranormal protection.  As always carry holy water, crosses, silver, and other supernatural safeguards with you when leaving home.  And of course most importantly be sure to greet the little sweet smiling faces of your trick o treaters with glee giving them a bounty of sugary sweets.  We wish for you all a safe and happy Halloween!

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I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A private paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of supernatural darkness.
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