• Main Street – Runs through the heart of downtown Woodland Springs.  Merges on to US Route 40 in Colorado.

  • Woodland Springs Street – The street that intersects with Main Street at the center of town.

  • Ridgeview DriveLocation of Tawny’s Old Town Tavern.  Connects with Woodland Springs Street & Mountain View Road.

  • Mountain View Road – Connects with Ridgeview Drive.  Dead end at O’Rourke Ravine.

  • Cemetery Hill Road – Street Ashley Abercrombie lives on near the biggest grave yard in Woodland Springs.

  • Mystic Way – Small street is off of Woodland Springs Street near the outer edges of downtown.  Location of Mystic Investigations headquarters.  The Mayor named the street after us due to our volunteer work within the town.

  • Old Rural Road – Road where Woodland Farms resides.  Host of the Autumn Harvest Halloween Festival.

  • Forest View Lane – 24 Hour Lumberjack Roadhouse

  • Old Mill Road – Lumber Mill, intersects with Forest View Lane, connects with Mystical Road

  • Mystical Road – Only paved road that goes into the Mystical Forest.  Ends at an old covered wood bridge (Settlers Bridge)  that turns into a private roadway of crushed stone and then eventually dirt called Alexander Parkway.

  • Alexander Parkway – The road that Mystical Road turns into and leads to Drake Alexander’s house aka Alexander Manor in the heart of the Mystical Forest.

  • Enchantment Lane – Neighborhood road in the Enchanted Forest where Xavier Remington, Rebecca Abernathy, and Tiffany Sanders  live.

  • Shady Lane – Site of Friday The 13th poltergeist house.  Somewhere south in between Remington Manor and Downtown.

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