The MysticJet

The Mystic Investigations Private Corporate Jet


We no longer have to borrow, or rent jets when jaunting around the world to take on supernatural terrors. In 2016 we purchased a new corporate jet we amazingly named The MysticJet! Its maiden voyage was a flight to the mystical North Pole City on December 20th, 2016. So far it’s just a regular jet, and we haven’t made any of our trademark customized alterations. Alterations that would make it a supernatural crime fighting investigations air fortress like our Mysticopter! However we just installed Anti-Missile Flares to deflect attacks. Our next task will be to replace the windows with bullet proof glass, and line the hull with armour plating.  Someday the MysticJet will have military capabilities we can use around the world to fight the forces of paranormal darkness!

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