The Time Traveler From 1970

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Our paranormal investigations team had Its annual Labor Day Picnic at Luminary Lake. All was well until a crazed-looking man in his early 20’s, named Chad Addams, ran up to our group of tables. I nearly choked on my hot dog as he yelled, “Are you the Mystic Investigations folks?” He claimed he had time traveled from the year 1970 via a one-way time machine he invented. Apparently, he was smart enough to check a phone book for paranormal investigators as anyone else would brand him a loon! Our phone message told him we were at the park by the lake celebrating Labor Day. Chad had purposely set his time machine for 40 years into the future to see the wonders he had dreamed of.  His device was off by 6 years but he was still deeply disappointed. Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Supernatural Stories Blog…

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