Why There’s Nobody On Earth One Million Years From Now?

In the previous post I mentioned that I had my temporal base on Earth one million years in the future because civilization was gone.  I thought maybe I should clarify so people don’t get alarmed and think their contributions to the advancement of humankind are in vain.  Or that their ancestors are lost forever and humanity is dead.  What happened is that humankind continued to advance technologically and explored and settled the stars, the galaxies, and on to the furthest reaches of the physical Universe.  At some point we discovered how to travel to higher dimensions.  The dimensions that gradually transition the physical Universe to the infinity of pure thought that is the foundation of all reality.  By the 12th millennium AD humankind as a whole discovered everything there was to discovered and the story of humans finally came to fruition as they evolved into non-physical beings of pure thought that ascended to Godhood to create their own Universes and explore everything beyond this Universe.

One million years in the future the flora and fauna have taken back the abandoned Earth whose purpose had been fulfilled.  It is truly a paradise planet, especially due to the terraforming that took place along with various underground weather control stations that keep things peaceful here.  Only various underground facilities are left.  Some of which I maintain with robots.  No structures or evidence of humankind exist above ground.  I hope nobody minds that I’ve sort of claimed the planet for myself.  Well until the next animal species evolves into intelligent humanoids.  I haven’t gone further in the future yet to see if that happens.

On a related note, after humans were gone androids remained behind maintaining everything but they too evolved into beings of real sentient emotion.  They became a race of beings in essence and explored the Universe as well.  They too ascended to the higher dimensions and attained Godhood.  There were also alien races who ascended to Godhood as well.  From what I can there are still a number of aliens races that exist with low levels of technology.  There’s three within the Milky Way.  The most advanced has just began rudimentary star travel.

If you’re interested in the less distant future then visit my friend from the 33rd century, Admiral Powers, blog at: https://galaxyfleet.com/blog.

Welcome To My Time Travelers Blog

I’m Time Traveler Michael Remington, brother of Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington.  As an avid history buff, quantum physics whiz, amateur inventor, and optimistic dreamer I conceived of building a time machine.  I finally completed my ingenious device called the Quantum Resonance Flux Accelerator which is the size of an ipod which clips to my belt.  It’s powered by a methanol fuel cell.  The device uses unique sound wave frequencies that interact with my bodies sub-atomic matter at the quantum level.  It vibrates my quantum particles to nearly the speed of light so that I may travel into the future and it also vibrates them at faster than light speeds so that I may travel to the past as well.  This blog is a log of my adventures in time that I record when I return to my home in this time to visit my family and friends.

Although I still keep a home in the mystic town of Woodland Springs, CO, my main temporal base is located on an Earth devoid of civilization one million years in the future to avoid contamination of the timeline due to various artifacts and technologies I’ve collected.  It’s a temporal museum of sorts full of curiosities and technology from all times and places.

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