Restless American Veteran Spirits Rage Forth!

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Ghostly Soldier SpiritsAs with most holidays the collective consciousness of humanity celebrating said special day sends forth massive metaphysical energies that can fuel spirits already existing on this Earth, astrally resurrect ones who have moved on to the great beyond. There’s also the prospect of creating one out of thin air Tulpa style.  Veteran’s Day is no different especially considering all the death associated with the fine men, and women of the military who perished in countless conflicts since the Revolutionary War that created the United States hundreds of years ago.  There are many ghosts, confused wandering spirits, and even in some cases dangerous poltergeists, of fallen soldiers who have unresolved issues, and can’t move on.  Generally ones corrupted by demonic or other higher dimensional entities.  Sometimes a collective of fallen angry soldiers is enough to create a poltergeist.  The most infamous is Germany’s Übergeist.  A super charged poltergeist made up of eternally battling US, and Nazi German soldier spirits.  The German government works hard to cover up the physical damage, and mayhem this formidable poltergeist causes.  As of yet nobody knows how to stop it!

In recent years many spirits have been called back from Heaven the nation hangs in dire peril in the grips of an insidious tyranny pushing the life back to the days of British rule.  Among these spirits are the very Founding Father’s themselves who can’t believe how far removed the government has become from the Constitution, and the principals set forth in the Declaration Of Independence.   Of course some among them were traitors who fought to leave certain safeguards out. In essence they left he barn door open to the wolves! The return of the Founders has been confirmed by various psychics, seers, and mystics around the world.

The celebrations of today coupled with M Class Solar Flare X-Rays, and a greatly unsettled Geomagnetic Field, have lent to one of the most haunted Veteran’s Days on the supernatural record.  There have been many reports of hauntings at government facilities, homes of corrupt politicians, and former battlegrounds around the world.  An insider source at the US Paranormal Defense Agency, a top secret agency of the US Department Of Defense, has said they’ve been on 24 hour alert as activity has exceeded their man power.  He also said the White House itself is on a secret supernatural lock down due to the insane level of angry ghosts that find their way within walls that have felt the aura of grave global decisions.  In the private supernatural community ghost hunters, and paranormal investigators have been hard at work filling in the gaps where the government can’t.  Especially when innocent people are caught in the middle of an rage filled poltergeist, and it’s intended victims.

The sinister spirit activity is so prolific that it’s expected to spill into the next few days.  This is not only limited to dearly departed military vets but all spirits due to the Solar X-Ray, and Geomagnetic activity which act as a paranormal power source to draw upon.  A non-corporeal being manifesting into our physical reality in any state is not an easy feat, and they take energy from where ever they can get it.  Complete physical restoration is beyond rare but ghosts of the dead re-entering their bodies does bring about the possibility of Sapient Zombies, aka Ghosts Zombies!  Certainly scattered reports of these special type of zombies crawling from their military graves are coming in as we speak!  Luckily they can’t transmit the zombie virus to you but they could still eat you alive! We recommend steering clear of any cemeteries, morgues, historical battlefields, and military memorials for at least the next few days until ghostly activity has died down.  We salute all the brave soldiers who sacrificed their life for our nation, and hope someday their spirits can finally rest in peace!

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