Halloween Witching Hour Watch!

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The first hour of Halloween begins at the stroke of Midnight.  That midnight hour is known as the Black Midnight or the Dark Midnight.  The most evil hour of the year where the supernatural forces of evil are concentrated at key power points on Earth.  Although there is a general evil aura to the planet during Halloween.  This aura is lessened greatly by the innocence of kids and their celebration of Halloween.  This is the real reason why Trick O Treating was created.  The combined power of millions of kids prevents unbridled evil from manifesting itself on Earth.

The power points of evil occur randomly around the Earth but they are also found in specific places such as cemeteries, Native American burial grounds, and places where people died violent deaths including haunted houses.  I recommend staying in during the All Hallows Eve Witching Hour and it would be best to not go out until dawn.  At least on the night of Halloween we have the power force of good, in the form of innocent kids trick o treating, to neutralize some of the evil.

If you’re already out or must go out beware of sexy women who try to seduce you aggressively.  Especially if that’s never happened to you before.  They most likely are a witch who has designs on you for their own nefarious purposes.  This might be especially true if you’re a virgin.  A most sought after commodity in certain spells.  Women I urge you to beware as well if an overly handsome man comes on to you.  Warlocks also relish in the Halloween Witching Hour.  Wizards are also something to look out for as well.

Take care of possible Zombie activity since raising the dead is something these filthy fiends enjoy partaking of.

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