Super Thunder Moon Werewolf Warning

The month of July often brings us the Lightning Moon or Thunder Moon. This is due to it being controlled by a coalition of Thunder and Lightning Gods. This includes Zeus, King Of The Greek Gods,┬áand Emperor of the largest faction of nature deities. Under a joint higher dimensional agreement, he shares lunar control with … Read more

June Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning

The Moon of this particular paranormal June is known as The Strawberry Moon. In cooperation with various lunar deities, this magical Moon is under the control of the Native American Goddess Athenesic (aka Awehai). Her people observed the short season of the strawberry harvest as a special time while Summer took shape. They partook in … Read more

Favorable Flower Moon Werewolf Warning

­čîĽThe Full Flower Moon of May is mostly neutral when it comes to Werewolves. There’s neither strength nor weakness that emanates from its enchanted energy. The very energy that activates the Lycanthrope Virus each month to gift us with the monstrous Werewolf menace. Luckily, Mother Nature has granted us the gift of a Penumbral Lunar … Read more

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