Dark Christmas Krampus Warning!

Krampus is an ancient demonic looking beast conjured by dark magics in an effort to combat the white witches celebration of Yule, and the Winter Solstice.  He almost appears Devil like with large horns, glowing red eyes, and black, or white fur.  He changes color depending on the person he’s harassing or hunting down.  As … Read more

Anti-Claus Warning

An Anti-Claus warning is in effect due to today, December 26th, being Dark Christmas.  Sometimes called Black Christmas or even Anti-Christmas.  Beginning at midnight the Anti-Claus makes his rounds visiting the evil to give them the gift of powers or evil wishes as a way of thanking them for the evil they perpetrate on his … Read more

Brilliant Battle Ridden Christmas Skies

The first epic battle of Christmas was witnessed over the skies of Sydney Australia in a brilliant explosive light show caused by the exchange of magics between Santa Claus and the Anti-Claus.  It seems the Anti-Claus is wasting no time this year in his efforts to thwart Christmas.  Reports indicate that Santa and his reindeer … Read more

Anti-Claus Alert

Santa Claus’s evil twin brother Claude Claus aka The Anti-Claus is often seen scurrying about plotting to destroy Christmas where ever he can.  This generally begins on the winter solstice December 21st.  He’s been known to pose as a mall Santa so be on alert for any suspicious Santa’s when taking your kids to sit … Read more

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