Anti-Claus Alert

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Santa Claus’s evil twin brother Claude Claus aka The Anti-Claus is often seen scurrying about plotting to destroy Christmas where ever he can.  This generally begins on the winter solstice December 21st.  He’s been known to pose as a mall Santa so be on alert for any suspicious Santa’s when taking your kids to sit on Santa’s lap.  He can appear to be a normal human but his true form is rather demonic looking in nature.   A slight red glow within his eyes in dim light will clue you in to what you’re dealing with.

Please beware that he possesses extreme physical strength, mind control powers, and is a master of the dark magics.  His official classification is Demi-Demon despite being Santa’s brother.   Santa is of course an enhanced Immortal aka a Demi-Angel as his father was an angel and his mother was human.  Since fallen angels are demons, Santa’s brother Claude became half-demon once he turned to the dark side.  They say his power is just below that of the Anti-Christ.

Exercise extreme caution if you think you’ve run into the Anti-Claus because not only is he extremely powerful in his own right but he leads a coven of 13 evil witches who are in essence his equivalent of elves although he does employ some evil elves and many naturally evil gnomes.  Instead of making magical toys and spreading good cheer they wreak havoc and spread mayhem during the Christmas season.  Their power culminates on December 26th which is known as Black Christmas.  On Black Christmas Eve the Anti-Claus visits a select few worthy evil individuals and imbues them with special powers as a reward for their bad deeds.  He’s also been known to make evil wishes come true.

Simply having a Christmas tree is enough to ward off the Anti-Claus from invading your home.  If you do spot him we would normally say leave the scene and call your local paranormal investigations firm.   However even the most top flight organizations like Mystic Investigations might not be a match for his powers including his dark minions.  We’ve never actually seen the Anti-Claus and hope we never have to engage him in battle.

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