Blood Moon Werewolf Warning

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October brings us the infamous full Blood Moon which is often a reddish color early in the evening due to the light scattering properties of atmospheric particles effecting the low lying moon.  That’s the scientific explanation.  In reality demonic forces of evil from higher dimensions send blood rays to wash over the moon in order to herald the up coming evil of Halloween.  The bloody moon enrages many paranormal beasts and is one of the causes in increased supernatural activity during the Halloween month of October.

The Blood Moon, sometimes called the Sanguine Moon, causes increased aggression in werewolves, and many more people are bitten and transformed thereby causing exponential increases in werewolf activity.  The new werewolf births are fitting since the blood moon is the moon of origin for Werewolves.  You can learn of their demonic origins here.

We suggest exercising great caution and remaining constantly aware of your nocturnal surroundings during this particular full moon.   Don’t even dismiss movements in the shadows of the moon for they could be something sinister lurking in the night ready to pounce upon you with nefarious intent.  Make sure your home is securely locked at night and be sure to keep a gun loaded with silver bullets or a silver dagger at your bedside because these rage filled beasts will brazenly burst through your window in this most dangerous time.  If you hate violence and dangerous weapons you could fill a squirt gun with holy water which would repel them to a lesser extent than it would for vampires.  A squirt gun filled with Quicksilver, aka Mercury, would in fact act as a highly toxic acid that would kill them after repeated shots.

As a preventative measure we suggest hanging freshly cut Wolfsbane in windows and doorways.  Growing them around your house is even better.  Bags of dried Wolfsbane hanging about will work as well.  The aroma deters them and even if that wasn’t the case, the plant has mystical qualities that act to send them scurrying into the dark cold night.  Hanging decor made with real silver, such as chimes, also will deter the werewolf menace.  Even a few well placed silver coins could mean the difference between a good nights sleep and a tragic terror filled ordeal.

If you must venture out after twilight, then consider carrying a silver bullet loaded gun, silver dagger, or squirt gun full of quicksilver.  In addition a high powered taser or holy water dousing will distract them long enough to make your escape.  A werewolf whistle will also work to repel them from the general area.   Also don’t wear bright colored clothing as it will attract them to you.   The wearing of wolfsbane or silver jewelry is also an excellent preventative measure during a full moon.  We also recommend memorizing the location of churches or any hallowed grounds in your community.  These holy grounds have been blessed by Priests and various paranormal entities will not be able to walk upon them.  This includes werewolves so knowing of these places gives you somewhere to run to as a last resort.  Naturally you might be thinking of having your home blessed but unfortunately the effects would be temporary.  It must be a holy focal point such as a church or other place of mass religious worship.

If you’re bitten by a werewolf there is a small window of opportunity to cure yourself before the Lycanthropia virus contained in the werewolf’s saliva re-sequences your DNA.  Immediately contact your local paranormal investigations firm or werewolf hunters union.  Although your best bet is holy water.  Get a cup made with silver or some colloidal silver to mix in your holy water. and head to the nearest church.  You will need to chug down at least one gallon of holy water to eradicate the virus.  Also have a Priest bless you as well.  Don’t be embarrassed to explain your situation if the Priest questions why you’re drinking up all the church’s holy water.  This is a matter of life and living death.  After your holy treatment head off to see a Cryptozoologist who will then test your blood to see if you’re a werewolf or not.  The real test comes when the moon is full.  If you don’t transform then all is well.

As always we warn against you trying to subdue or capture a werewolf on your own.  If you spot one please for the love of God call a supernatural specialist.  Simply peruse your local yellow pages for Werewolf Hunters, Paranormal Investigators, or Cryptozoologists.  This is one case where the government will not be of any help.  Private paranormal professionals are at the forefront of this battle against evil and they will gladly handle the situation free of charge because most aren’t in this for the money.  They’re fighting the forces of evil because it’s a passion, and they know deep down it’s their purpose in this life.

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