Veteran’s Day Ghostly Soldier Spirit Alert

As we celebrate the sacrifice, and bravery of our nation’s military veterans, and fallen soldiers who died in mortal combat, let us not forget those who still haven’t found peace even in death. Those haunted by the atrocities of war who never walking into the warm white light of eternal Heavenly peace. Damned to roam … Read more

Killer FrankenFish Alert!

A mad scientist, named Lars Alsvik, has stolen various GMO fish parts from labs across the country.  These genetically modified fish are already considered dreaded notorious Frankenfish!  However the mad scientist Lars has stitched the various parts together and reanimated the new fishy corpses to create a blasphemous breed of darn deadly Frankenfish that lusts for human … Read more

Independence Day Founding Fathers Spirit Warning

In recent years we have had reports of increased Afterlife activity among the Founding Fathers of the United States Of America. In actuality, this paranormal activity was seen to varying extents at the end of the 19th century but it became more consistent since the institution of the Income Tax in 1913. From that point, … Read more

April Anti-Fool Warning!

April 2nd is Anti-April Fools Day and with it comes the evil mischief of the April Anti-Fool aka the Chief nemesis of The April Fool who blesses us with humiliating yet humorously harmless hijinks on April Fools Day (April 1st).  Although the two are enemies they are temporally separated in a four dimensional manner confined … Read more

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