Waverly’s Winter Wonderland Cafe

Waverlys Cafe
A new gourmet cafe that opened it’s doors to the paranormal public February 2015 in the small section of the Mystical Forest that is graced in perpetual winter even in the middle of July. The area is called Woods Of Everlasting Winter. A place where local Abominable Snowmen, aka Yeti, retreat to when Springs comes along with rogue Elves who formerly worked for Santa Claus at North Pole City. You can also find Winter Nymphs, and Goddesses dwelling about if you look carefully enough. The winter cafe’s Master Chef, and Owner is a rogue Elf turned Warlock named Waverly. Waverly refuses to discuss what caused him to leave Santa, and you will never see a hint of anything Christmas in his cafe. However he loves winter so this place is perfect for him! Despite being a Warlock he is no longer active in the dark arts nor apparently evil. Although he has magically fended off Yeti who attempted to crash his exquisite dinner parties! His cafe only caters to supernatural beings, and humans in the paranormal community since it’s clearly hidden deep in the Mystical Forest.

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