The Hannity House Horror

Haunted Horror HouseI’m Xavier Remington, President Of Mystic Investigations, and today I’d like to tell you about my very first paranormal investigation.  My very first brush with the paranormal was being saved from drowning when a rare Great Lakes mermaid saved me in Lake Michigan after I fell off my parents boat.  I was only 5 so I didn’t remember it until a psychic friend of mine retrieved the memory.  At age 13 I might have been rescued by an Angel in water park wave pool.  After that I saw some unusual things here and there but dismissed it or explained it away.

In my early days as an amateur sleuth I went on a supernatural vacation of sorts to finally find and document some real paranormal activity.  I visited a number of supposedly haunted sites across the United States.  I then stumbled upon a town in the rural backwoods of Tennessee where the town folk lived in fear.  Every night of a Halloween full moon a family would go missing.  It was always a Father, Mother, and two kids.  Always the youngest male, and female child.  If there were more kids in the family then they were left behind.  The upcoming Halloween was to be a full moon night so the entire community was on edge.  The towns folk believed in a local legend about a cemetery caretaker, and his family who were murdered by the towns ancestors in an angry torch wielding mob.  Now the ghosts of the caretakers family visit hell upon the town the anniversary of that very night.  Precisely at Midnight a family disappears without a trace from the town never to be seen again.  Naturally law enforcement from outside the town, including the FBI, claim it’s a serial killer or kidnapper fixated on the date in question and the legend in general.  Since no law enforcement would go down a supernatural road, and the local police where too spooked by the legend to do anything about it, I decided to take on the case free of charge.

So the urban legend states that on the night the full moon of Halloween on October 31,1808 a suspected Devil worshiping cemetery caretaker named Patrick Hannity, and his wicked witch of a wife, Wilhelmina, partook of nefarious plans to resurrect the dead town folk in the graveyard next to their house.  They hoped to create a living dead army of zombies to do their evil bidding, and earn favor with the dark demonic lord.  Their young kids, a boy, and a girl, were thought to be trained in the dark ways as well although this could not be confirmed.  Some local teenagers came to their house deep in the forest to egg their creepy looking house but  instead witnessed a horrifying demonic ritual in the graveyard next door.  Patrick had erected an altar of dead animals, and unholy symbols with a fire ablaze beneath it while his wife Wilhelmina stood nearby stirring a giant black cauldron full of green glowing goo while wearing nothing but a long black cape, and the trademark black pointy witches hat.  She could be heard reciting incantations in an unknown language.  Within seconds the bodies of the dead rose from their graves one by one causing the teenagers to run away in terror to warn the towns people.

They rang the church bell waking up the Minister who believed their hellish tale, and soon everyone gathered at the house of the Lord.  Torches were lit and blessed as holy fire by the Minister, and holy water was dispensed as well.  The Minister, Jake Everhart, led the angry mob with cross in one hand, and a Holy Bible in the other.  As they came upon the property, the angry couple was ready for them as if they knew the mob was coming in advance.  They directed the zombie horde to attack the mob, and a battle ensued.  Some of the mob members were horrified that they recognized the walking dead as their dead relatives.  Yet they did what was needed to put down the unholy army as holy flames, and water spewed forth eradicating the flesh-eating masses.  The rage filled wicked witch Wilhelmina rose her hands in a menacing manner, and dark purple energy sparked from her hands as she screamed to the heavens in the name of various evil entities.  The Minister was struck dead, and the enraged mob overwhelmed the malevolent married duo as they made a run for their house.  The towns folk broke the door down, and violently massacred the entire family for their devilish deeds.  An attempt was made to burn the house down but it would not burn due to dark magics being embedded within its wretched walls.  Theoretically the holy fire should have gotten the job done but the mob had no idea that upon the death of the Minister, the holy fire, and water was neutralized.

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The town abandoned the cemetery, and created a new one closer to town hoping to leave the whole terrifying tragedy behind them.  Then on the next Halloween full moon in 1811 the first family disappeared and then another in 1814, 1819, and every other full moon Halloween after that.  When I inquired as to why everyone just didn’t leave the town, they claimed that those who were ancestors of the holy fire holding mob would have hellish tragedies befall them.  Freak accidents, storms, and unexplained events would either cripple or kill them so everyone stays and takes their chances with the curse that seems to be upon this rustic rural community.  Against the advice of the town elders I ventured deep into the forest hoping to unravel this supernatural mystery as Halloween fast approached…

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To Be Continued…


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