The Extraordinary Elephant Of Evil

Vampire ElephantMystic Investigations was hired by an Indian millionaire, Kumar Balasubramanium, to investigate various unusual animal attacks of a paranormal nature in his home village of Karavoor, India.  Due to the superstitious attitudes of his countryman Kumar was unable to find anyone in his own country to handle this case that has caused numerous injuries, some deaths, and a village full of scared people. He sent his private jet for us, and we left at about 10 PM Mountain Standard Time.  We arrived in India 15 hours later at about 3:00 PM MST which is about 3:00 AM India time.  This was perfectly timed so our vampire team member, Drake Alexander, could avoid the deadly rays of the holy sun.

Our plane landed in Punalur, and from there we took the train to Karavoor village.  We were greeted by Kumar, his servants, and large crowd of happy villagers in the dead of the night.  Apparently the Mystic Investigations website is very popular, and we have many fans.  Despite the rural nature of the village a number of people have computers, and Kumar was instrumental in bringing the internet to the village.  I was shocked that people were asking for our autographs.  Kumar spoke decent English but the rest of the people spoke Hindi.  Luckily Drake is fluent in numerous languages, and translated for us.  Rebecca Abernathy, our resident witch, conveniently cast a universal translation spell so everything sounded English to her.  Even the dogs barking nearby translated into words.   Everybody but Drake, and Ashley, whose half zombie, was tired despite the sleep we had on the flight so Kumar directed us to his limo.  Before we could get in a pack of 6 Bengal Tigers leaped from the brush growling in an other worldly manner.  The villagers screamed in terror as they ran toward us with a red glow of terror in their eyes.

Drake was the first to spring into action as he tackled one of the terrifying tigers while Rebecca followed suit screaming,”Everybody stay where you are! Mystic Sphere!”  Her pink sphere of energy appeared around her, and then she bellowed forth,”eximius magnitudine”.  The sphere then expanded outward engulfing the entire crowd just as the tiger lunged at us.  They bounced off the pink mystical energy field, and fell to the ground dazed for a moment.  Drake had already dispatched the tiger he had been grappling with.  In fact he was draining it of blood as the lifeless corpse laid in his arms. He dropped it, and growled at the other two tigers who actually look a little scared as they backed away.  Then their eyes glowed an even more fiery neon red, and they darted at Drake.  He caught one in each hand by the neck, and squeezed with all his might until two snaps were heard.  Both devilish beasts lie dead as the crowd gasped in awe at the magnificent power that the good vampire wielded.  As Rebecca dropped her shield the crowd surrounded Drake, and lavished him with thanks.  Some even bowed before him thinking he was a God.

We got in the limo, and Ashley Abercrombie, our Cryptozoologist, requested the tiger corpses be transported with us as well so she could study them in detail.  Clearly there was a supernatural element here because tigers eyes don’t glow, and their growls shouldn’t have sounded like they were being amplified through a megaphone.  Drake also said they were far stronger than normal tigers.  Apparently Drake has battled tigers before.  In the car Julia Hathaway, our psychic who has telekinetic powers, apologized for not using her abilities to toss at least one tiger aside.  She was paralyzed with fear over the wild animals.  Zack Powers, our bionic boy wonder, didn’t spring into action as well.  Although I wouldn’t want him to risk fighting a tiger.  Hunter Jackson, our ex-Navy Seal, was angry his rifle has been packed away.   We pulled up to the mansion which was on a plantation of sorts while a crowd of villagers came running up.  They had apparently been following us the whole time on foot.  They showered us with gifts, and praise for saving their lives.  As the first embers of light lit the horizon we decided to get some rest while Ashley looked into the mystery of the batty Bengal Tigers…

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To Be Continued…

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