Comanche County

A very small County in northwestern Colorado named after the Comanche Indians who once dominated the area before Europeans settled the area. it’s nestled within Routte County with a border along Moffat County as well. The County itself has five communities which include two unincorporated hamlets, two villages, one town, and no cities. It’s a dense forested region with the Rocky Mountains and Yampa River meandering through it. The Comanche River is a tributary of the Yampa River. The largest town and County Seat is Woodland Springs which is renowned for it’s hot springs, mystical forest, and various forms of paranormal activity. The government actively keeps the county, and it’s communities off the map because it is a place of paranormal interest for them.


Woodland Springs (Largest Town & Comanche County Seat)

Comanche Falls (Village)

Conifer Springs (Village)

Enigma (Unincorporated Hamlet)

Mystic (Unincorporated Hamlet)

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