Mystic Investigations Facebook Posts

Notable Posts We Made On Facebook Often with a short story attached… October 31, 2019 Happy Halloween! October 04, 2019 National Taco Day May 28, 2019 National Hamburger Day March 12, 2019 National Pancake Day (The Pancake Eating IHOP Ghost) December 30, 2018 National Bacon Day (At North Pole City’s Piggy Village) December 26, 2018 … Read more

The Scare & Scurry North Pole Battle

Continued From The Scare & Scurry Scottish Sanctuary… The McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences was in ruins on the Scottish countryside as the battle between magic and an unknown technology came to a close! Everyone was seriously down for the count including the most powerful magician on Earth Ian McTavish. All stopped by either … Read more

The Scare & Scurry Scottish Sanctuary

…Continued From Mystic Unsolved Mysteries: Case Of The Scare & Scurry After the enigmatic entity of evil eluded the enhanced senses, and powers of those who are paranormal in our group, we headed to a supernatural sanctuary in Scotland on a private jet. We looked toward the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences as a … Read more

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