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There Was An Estimated 207 Time Travelers On The Titanic!

TitanicA great deal of fictional works have always had at least some shred of truth in it. There are those who want the general public to know the true reality about the supernatural world. It seems like a number of time travel stories manage to find their characters on the Titanic. In the real world quite a few time travelers brag about having been on the most famous sinking ship of all time! It’s insane how many time travelers were on that sinking bastard in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912! Every person with a freaking time machine, or chronokinetic powers just has to be a big shot, and take a temporal hike down to the ill fated Titanic! Hell even Mystic Investigations very own Michael Remington saved a stowaway named Elizabeth Weatherly who is now one of our paranormal investigators!  Some saved lives while others somberly observed the disaster. Some even stopped the ship from sinking! Although they ended up lost in the new parallel Universe they created from such a monumental timeline change! Unfortunately some sick puppies did nothing but take selfies to show off to their friends in the future!🚢

It’s been estimated that some 207 time travelers were on the ship at least an hour before it sank! Plausibly nearly 800 or more were on the ship at some point during its ill fated final journey. Some even suggest the additional people, and use of temporal equipment actually caused the ship to sink faster than it would have normally! It’s kind of become a joke in historical circles throughout the centuries beyond the 22nd. Even Time Cops look the other way laughing it off on a number of occasions! The most common joke among time travelers is that more of them than actual passengers were on the Titanic. There were actually 3,300 people who belonged on the ship. This included 2,435 passengers, and about 900 crew members.

In addition there’s evidence that a super secret society of the 33rd century holds initiation ceremonies on the Titanic in a room they legitimately bought on the boat! However their sick society relishes in witnessing the death as they baptize new cult members in the ice cold arctic waters teeming with blood!  The silver lining of all this Titanic time travel is the fact that many thought dead now live as immortals in a future beyond their wildest dreams. Well except for those kidnapped by the secret cult. We have no idea what happens to them!

All this information is courtesy of psychics, seers, mystics, and time travelers we’ve spoke with!


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