May Hare Moon Werewolf Warning

WerewolfThe full Moon of May can be known as the Hare Moon, Full Flower, Milk, Planting , or Mother’s Moon.  All of which allude to the central energy of this particular Moon.  That being fertility since May is when Spring gets into full swing.  Near the end of the month it pretty much looks like Summer.  There’s no extra danger to humans during the Full Moon but as always exercise caution when going out at night.  A fully transformed Werewolf is one of the most perilous paranormal creatures a human can run across. It’s always wise to carry a Werewolf Whistle, squirt gun with holy water, other religious artifacts, Wolfsbane, or silver metal of some type.  Preferably as a necklace or ring.

Despite this the Hare Moon does have an effect on Werewolves.  Even in human form during the day they will notice an increased libido due to the infusion of lunar fertility energies.  It is by far the best time for Werewolves to mate, and get pregnant hopefully in human form.  This month does hold the increased danger of a rare mating between two fully formed Werewolves which would produce a soulless beast that has no human form.  This rarely happens due to the odds being slim that two Werewolves would run across each other.  Even when they do it’s usually a deadly fight.  In Werewolves with more self-control, who tend to form wolf packs, they know how to resist the Hare Moon, and the abomination of creating a soulless permanent form Werewolf.

If you’re human, and you have someone way too attractive showing an interest in you for the next week then odds are they’re a Werewolf. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but be ready to bolt as the sun sets if you see anything odd in their physical appearance.  Unfortunately anytime you get someone who appears to be way out of your league coming on to you it’s a fair bet they’re some manner of supernatural being.  Often times evil in nature!

The above Werewolf Warning is only for the Northern Hemisphere of Earth. The Southern Hemisphere is instead under the influence of the Dark Moon since they’re heading into winter. The Dark Moon creates more aggressive Werewolves fueled by the remnants of the previous months Blood Moon, and the death dominating the pre-winter landscape.  The reason the same celestial Moon can have two differing lunar forces is courtesy of the mystical nature of Earth itself embodied in the soul of the Goddess Gaia Mother Earth.  The lunar forces are transformed as they make their way through the atmosphere to the surface of the Earth.

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