Halloween Warning

Evil Jack-O-Lantern Of HalloweenHalloween is almost always the most dangerous night of the year for humans as the world of the supernatural runs amok. Although general paranormal activity has been less than most years at this time there are still many supernatural dangers afoot as Midnight approaches, and the horrors of Halloween are upon us.  Expect Halloween morning from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM to have the highest concentration of creatures including Werewolves which will be able to transform without the Full Moon within all nighttime portions of Halloween day.  Older Werewolves may be able to resist the dark demonic forces that will activate their transformation DNA.  In addition ghost, and poltergeist activity will be greatly heightened especially around places people have died, or where dead people rest in peace.

Zombies are an issue as well since Halloween is when practitioners of magic like to play God with their dark arts.  Dark witches, and warlocks will be out in full force along with wizards to a lesser extent.  Gnome activity is also greatly increased, and you should keep a watchful eye on your children since gnomes eat them to retain their immortality.  While trick o treating they should be safe as they are unknowingly in the midst of marshaling the forces of good with their chillingly cheerful collection of candy.  Staying in groups within well lit areas is best but make sure your kids carry some type of holy artifact on them for extra protection.  A cross or pocket Bible will do.  Also don’t be afraid to provide them with a super soaker full of holy water in case they need to defend themselves against the forces of evil.  Of course that won’t work against any non-demonic forces of evil which include zombies.  Although they should be able to easily outrun them.

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