Brilliant Battle Ridden Christmas Skies

The first epic battle of Christmas was witnessed over the skies of Sydney Australia in a brilliant explosive light show caused by the exchange of magics between Santa Claus and the Anti-Claus.  It seems the Anti-Claus is wasting no time this year in his efforts to thwart Christmas.  Reports indicate that Santa and his reindeer were going about the business of delivering presents to households of good people where the adults believe in Santa when all the sudden the Anti-Claus rammed his sleigh into Santa’s sleigh.  This caused a loud thunder like sound in the sky along with a bright flash of light which was the sleighs magical shielding.

The hellish howls of the Anti-Clauses 13 magical flying werewolves could be heard pulling his sleigh as they swung around and lopped off a volley of volatile magic toward Santa.  Santa was then forced to return fire.  The Anti-Claus was not able to stop Santa and eventually the exchange of the bright fireworks ended with the Anti-Claus’s sleigh crashing in the Tasman Sea as Santa Claus raced away yelling,”HO HO HO Merry Christmas!”  Minutes later the Anti-Claus and his werewolves levitated from the sea and flew away into the distant sky.

The Anti-Claus will not quit so expect to see a dazzling fireworks type show in the skies above if a battle is taking place.  From several miles away if might appear to be Northern or Southern lights.  There is no danger as the magics only effect the recipient so enjoy the show.  However there is a slight danger from a potential crashing sleigh.  If it’s the Anti-Claus Santa will make sure it crashes somewhere harmless.  If it’s Santa himself there are magics in place to insure the sleigh or falling reindeer will not hurt anyone.

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