Santa Claus Alert

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Be on the look out for Santa Claus, two elf helpers, and his nine reindeer Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Donner, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, and Blitzen in the skies above.  The flying sleigh pulled by the magical immortal reindeer will most likely not be visible to the naked eye although you may see sparkling magical dust flying about it.  Up close it looks sort of like lit snow flowing around it although various colors of the rainbow appear within.  You may also see Rudolph’s red lit nose leading the reindeer as they pull the sleigh full of toys for the good little children and even the adults who still have a little bit of child in them and who truly believe in Santa Claus’s existence.

In order for Santa to enter your home and leave you presents you must meet the following criteria.  You must believe in and celebrate the spirit of Christmas by displaying outdoor lights, decorations and a Christmas tree indoors as well.  This also acts as a deterrent for the Anti-Claus.  You must be good at heart.  An adult in the house must believe in Santa so he has supernatural permission to enter.  Even if you have no kids you may get a gift for having a little bit of pure innocent child like goodness within you or you must have fought a battle with the forces of evil.  For most these criteria are only met by members of the supernatural community.

Although parents often give gifts in the name of Santa even though they don’t believe which does strengthen the over all spirit of Christmas.  The giving of gifts is not only a reward for being good but an inspiration to share the joy of the spirit of Christmas and all that is good about humanity.  The global act of gift giving itself when it comes to kids is in essence the biggest magical spell of the year which marshals the forces of good by channeling the pure innocent goodness of children and using it to reinvigorate the force of good in the world in order to fight the forces of evil and better humankind for the eventual goal of peace on Earth and the eventual permanent defeat of all evil.

See the previous post about the fireworks like displays in the skies above at certain times when the Anti-Claus attempts to stop Santa’s delivery schedule.

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