The Millionaires And Billionaires Of Woodland Springs, Colorado

Four Billionaires live here:

  1. Patrick Rothhammer.  Worth $21.2 billion (Banking) but some suspect he’s worth a lot more due to rumors of him being a top level member of the Illuminati.  His family is rumored to be worth $500 trillion or more but since they own all their own banks they can keep this a secret which they must or they’d have to explain how they could possibly have that much money.  The Rothhammer family is famous for their banking dynasty and some say they are one of the families behind the private central banks of the world (Federal Reserve).  If the family had trillions it would come from citizen tax dollars which pay the interest on the debt to the central banks.  Patrick is a twenty something member of the family who moved to Woodland Springs for adventure

  2. Michael Eriksson: Worth $7.7 billion (Global Conglomerate).  He has a thing with the number 7 and purposely keeps his net worth at $7.7 billion. In order to maintain that amount he gives a lot of money to charity. He was Mayor of Woodland Springs before the last Mayor and was just elected as the Comanche County Executive.  He’s also thinking of running for Colorado Governor in 2014.  He’s a strong Constitutional Conservative.

  3. Casey Knight: Worth 5.1 Billion (Technology).

  4. Wayne Scott: Worth 2.3 Billion (Internet).

21 Millionaires live here:

Drake Alexander ($325 Million – Investments, Mystic Investigations)

Mayor Mortimer Griggs VII ($22.3 Million – Mining, Oil, Investments)

 Ellouise Sharpe

Jonathan Armstrong

Tiffany Sanders ($8.3 Million – Inheritance ex-husband, Sale Of Family Plantation)

Xavier Remington ($7.7 Million – Mystic Investigations, Investments)

Michael Remington – ($6.1 Million – Mystic Investigations, Treasure Hunting, Inventions)

Rest to be listed later.

Nobody lives below the poverty line and there is 0% unemployment.  Some say it’s due to someone making a wish with a Genie.

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