Idea For A Sequel To The Movie Somewhere In Time

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Since the original characters are living happily ever after in the afterlife of Heaven we need new characters. In the original novel that was the basis for the movie, Richard Collier has a brother named Robert. Perhaps his daughter, named Emily, find Richards’s journal near our present time. She believes the details of time travel are just her Uncle’s imagination. Years later she is mesmerized and enamored by images of a handsome man named Patrick who mysteriously went missing at the 1876 Worlds Fair in Philadelphia. He had shown great promise as a scientific genius. Some claim he might have been the Einstein of his time. She is shocked to find a photo of someone who looks just like her standing next to Patrick. This reminds Emily of her Uncle’s journal and she begins to believe he was detailing a real-time travel adventure he had. Eventually, she finds further evidence that she did in fact attend the Worlds Fair in 1876.

With the knowledge of her guaranteed presence in 1876, she begins the intense meditation her Uncle performed to travel back in time. This included staying at the historical Thomas Bond House which existed at the time. She also purchased a Victorian Era dress from a local costume shop. Emily succeeds and meets the man of her dreams. Unlike her Uncle, she tells Patrick the complete truth of her time travel and existence in the future. She also details how she achieved travel to the past. He casually laughs it off despite fantasizing about time travel on occasion over the years as he tried to figure out how it could be done in a scientific way.

They enter into a torrid love affair that lasts for a few weeks until she makes a mistake similar to her Uncle. Instead of the penny shocking her back to the future a tag in her dress from a Halloween costume shop sends her screaming back to the present. Weakened like her Uncle she realizes a human can only achieve mind over matter time travel once in a lifetime! Emily was heartbroken that she wasn’t able to save Patrick from disappearing. She begins to lose the will to live knowing she will never see him again. All hope is lost until Patrick amazingly appears to her at a local park she told him about. A place she went to every day. Apparently, his mysterious vanishing was due to his time traveling to the future!

Patrick managed to duplicate her mind over matter meditation method and traveled to the future. However, without too much knowledge of the future, it was more difficult for him. All he had was what she told him about the future. Without having the clothing to support the mental endeavor he simply wore no clothes thus ending up in our time like The Terminator. Despite having nothing with him from his time that would snap him back they feared going near any antique or museum. However, they soon theorized that each traveling to the others time sealed the deal. Years later Patrick managed to touch an object in a museum that belonged to him and nothing happened. The couple lived well into their 90’s. When they finally died of old age within days of each other they left Richards’s journal behind with their own time travel adventure written within. At the end of the movie, a teenage boy finds it thus hinting that the adventure may happen again…

Note: Could take place on Halloween since the World’s Fair extended into November 1876 from May of that year.🎃

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