Werewolf Warning In Effect!

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Yesterdays Werewolf Watch has been upgraded to a Werewolf Warning due to many werewolf sighting being reported yesterday.  We here at Mystic Investigations bagged quite a few of these hairy horrors.  Already tonight we have had more reports coming in to our call center along with our official Mystic Sighters spotting the hounds of hell roaming about.  We are at 100% full moon and I urge nobody to go out after sunset and instead just stay inside your home!  Your greatest risk of werewolf contact normally falls between 10 PM and 2 AM but on the night of the complete full moon during the 13 days before Halloween you can expect the most concentrated and dangerous werewolf incursions to occur.  If you plan on being out after dark then I urge you to carry a dog whistle, taser, or gun loaded with silver bullets.  Wearing dark clothing is also suggested since bright colors attract Werewolves who relish in eating humans.  This is the second most dangerous night of the year next to Halloween itself when it comes to supernatural activity.

Additional Note: Gnome Activity still high.  Although I have a feeling the werewolves will be consuming any of them that venture out.  If a werewolf consumes gnome blood it has the ability to stay in werewolf form well past the sunrise.  So far we have not had any reports of daytime werewolves but it’s something you should be aware of along with the fact that Gnomes are known for eating small children to prolong their short life spans.

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